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Owlet’s Follow Friday | Bloggers We Love

June 24, 2016

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It’s Follow Friday here at Owlet and we’re connecting you with some of the best mamas in the blogosphere for your reading pleasure. Check out what they have to say about Owlet and so much more on their blogs below!

  • Lauren of Love Lola shared her Owlet experience here in honor of Mother’s Day. You can also read about motherhood, fashion and get some killer recipes on her blog!
  • Parenting Upstream’s, Deidra, contemplates if Owlet is worth the money on her blog. See what she has to say on the blog here!
  • Meagan from Hearts of Gold gives an honest review of the Owlet on her blog here. Stay tuned for more baby product reviews, fashion tips and so much more!
  • Molly gives an in depth, honest review of the Owlet and answers questions like how it works and if Owlet is worth the money. See what she has to say on her blog, Still Being Molly.

Stay tuned for more of our favorite bloggers and where to find them! And if you haven’t joined the Owlet family yet, fly on over to our Order Now page and get a little more sleep tonight!

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Brittany is new mother to twins. She enjoys watching Netflix, pinteresting, theme parks and anything Harry Potter.

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