How Safe Are Your Baby’s Diapers?

It’s hard to imagine life without disposable diapers. After becoming widely available in the late 1960s and early 1970s, disposables are now the norm in much of the world – and for good reason. Though they raise complicated environmental issues, there’s no denying that throw away nappies are a major convenience for many parents.

Disposables are so ever-present, in fact, that few wonder what they’re made of. But it’s a reasonable question for a product that spends so many hours in direct contact with your child’s most sensitive areas. What’s really in disposable diapers, and is there any chance that these materials could harm your baby?


What’s in a disposable diaper?

While disposable diapers seem simple, they have more materials and parts than you might think. Diaper companies aren’t required to list the ingredients of their products, but modern disposables – Pampers, Huggies, and everything else – all follow the same basic model:

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Tips To Get Your Baby On A Regular Sleeping Schedule

You know what the experts say: Establish a regular bedtime routine and teach your baby to fall asleep on her own. Then, within a few days or weeks, you too will have a baby who sleeps through the night. Sounds great, but does it really work?

Establishing a consistent bedtime ritual — one that includes some variation on a bath, book, and bed — is the number one way parents help their infants drift off to sleep.

The following are more sleep strategies that worked for other members of the BabyCenter community. Whatever route you choose, remember this: What worked for one family might not work for you, so do what’s best for you and your baby.

Comforting sounds

“One day I noticed that my 3-month-old fell asleep every time I blow-dried my hair. Then I discovered that turning the radio to static also worked like a charm. We just crank the radio up and it soothes her to sleep. It’s more convenient than the blow dryer. And it’s a lifesaver when we’re traveling and she gets tired and fussy. She’ll cry sometimes for a few minutes, but it always works!”
— Richelle

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11 Natural Energy Boosters For Tired Parents

1) Sunshine!

Studies show that 20 minutes of daytime sunshine can increase your energy and boost your mood. If you live in a cloudy or otherwise dreary place you can get the “sunshine effect” by sitting near a light box for about 45 minutes. Its a quick way to pep-up without the inevitable energy drop that accompanies a highly caffeinated drink or pill.

2) Slap on Some Color

Change up your wardrobe! Put those dull clothes away and pull out your bright, cheery apparel. Yellow and orange have been proven to lighten up your mood and bring some pizzazz back into your day. Also consider finding other ways to bring color into your life: funky nail polish, paint the walls, or change the background on your computer. Toss the pastel baby clothes and find a onesie with some personality!

3) Touch your Thymus

Your thymus is located at center top of your chest, below the collar bone, between your breasts. When you tap your thymus it stimulates the release of T-cells, boosts energy, increases your focus & awareness, and relieves stress. It might sound odd but its worth a try!

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