7 Ways to Make Bed Rest Bearable

Bed rest can be prescribed during pregnancy to minimize certain pregnancy complications. Sometimes you might expect that it’s coming because of your medical history; others, it might come after a recommendation from your health care provider. It also varies from woman to woman, so you may find yourself completely confined to your bed, or on some sort of modified rest. And while bed rest is typically not the most desirable thing, it can be used as a time to help prepare for your baby.

Regardless of how extensive your bed rest is, here are seven ways to make bed rest bearable:

1. Binge watch your favorite show

Also known as, “Netflix and chill, for real.” You can either watch an old favorite or find a new show to devote your horizontal time to. Or, go for a movie series marathon. Maybe it’ll be Harry Potter, maybe Lord of the Rings. Or, go more sci-fi with Star Trek or Star Wars. And don’t forget to have a few of your favorite snacks while you’re at it.

2. Story time marathon

This is a good idea if you have other kids at home. Turn your resting time into a big story time marathon with your kids. Have them bring you a big stack of their favorite books and snuggle up for some quality reading time. (And if a little iPad time is thrown in there, I won’t judge you.) Alternatively, you can get a stack of books that you’ve been wanting to read, and have a great personal reading marathon.

3. Develop a new skill

For me, it was embroidery, but you could also learn to crochet, knit, or hone your drawing skills. You can even learn how to code. Since you’re fairly (or entirely) immobile during this time, it’s a great opportunity to seek out an activity that can be done while sedentary.

4. Online shop ’til you drop

While it can be frustrating that you can’t be out and about buying the things you’ll need for your new baby, you can shop online. It’s an effective way to still get the stuff done that you need to get done, without leaving the comfort of your bed or couch. And it can help you feel like you’re still a part of the nesting process. Don’t forget to add in a few post-baby clothing items for yourself, too.

5. Hire someone to clean your house

Since you’re down for the count, and your partner probably needs a break, you can use this opportunity to allow someone else to clean your house. Whether you hire someone to deep clean, or allow family or friends to help serve you, it can give you the peace of mind that your house is getting a nice deep clean before baby arrives.

6. Design a birth announcement for your baby

With all of the online resources available to design birth announcements, you’re pretty much set. Use this time to search for the perfect announcement, or to design your own. You can also go old-school and DIY your own handmade announcements. (This is probably a good idea if you’re not sending out that many, though you can do whatever you feel up for.)

7. Write thank you notes

Bed rest provides a bunch of time to get on top of writing thank you notes. Whether they’re for shower gifts or for random acts of kindness you’ve received during your bed rest, thank you notes are always nice to receive. You can also take the time to write a nice note to your partner about the things you appreciate about them, and express your excitement for your new addition.

Have you ever had to be on bed rest? What are some of the ways you made it bearable? 





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Breastfeeding Wardrobe Staples

Breastfeeding often means doing a lot of maneuvering with your clothing to get everything positioned just right, which isn’t always easy with some styles of clothing. Whether you’re on the go or lounging at home, here are some staples of a functional breastfeeding wardrobe to help nursing or pumping for your little one a seamless process.

Flowy tunics

The loose-fitting top trend is a huge benefit to nursing moms. Long, loose tunics give you easy access from the bottom of your shirt, and many of mine were even long and loose enough to act as a cover on their own. You don’t have to buy nursing-specific tops, either. I found many of mine online, like this Relaxed Luxe Tunic from Old Navy.

Wrap dresses

I’m not nursing anymore, but my favorite dress is still a wrap-dress I bought when I was nursing my son. It’s so flattering, even as my curves have widened over the years, and makes it easy to pull down the top to nurse or pump. This is the exact dress from Viva La Jewels, and it comes in several colors and a knee-length option as opposed to a full maxi-length dress.

Button-down shirts

When you’re going for a more business-casual look, button-down shirts are the perfect choice for nursing or pumping mamas. I like these relaxed-fit button-down shirts from Old Navy. They could easily be dressed up with a blazer or cardigan, or worn as-is.

Nursing camisoles

Finding a good nursing cami with support and coverage can be difficult, but this one from A Pea in the Pod has great reviews. With built-in cups and a variety of colors, these seem to be one of the best options. Many reviewers say it easily hides leaks, and the support is enough to replace a bra! I’d call that a win!

Reusable nursing pads

Reusable nursing pads are an eco-friendly option that is also safer for your skin than disposable nursing pads. They also have a better reputation for completely absorbing leakage. These Bamboobies Washing Nursing Pads from Target have OUTSTANDING reviews and come in a daytime or nighttime version. Even the daytime pads, which are lighter, have impeccable reviews for being super-absorbent and many reviewers have found they don’t cause skin irritation like disposable pads. Wearing these every day and keeping some of these on hand in your purse is a must during your nursing and pumping days.

What are some staples of your breastfeeding wardrobe?

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How to Deal With Pregnancy Insomnia

Pregnancy causes a lot of changes to your body. One of these changes can be insomnia, which, defined, is the perception of inadequate sleep or lack of quality sleep during the night. In order to understand how to deal with pregnancy insomnia, it is important to identify its causes and then to highlight ways to cope.


Pregnancy-induced insomnia can be caused by any of the following:

  • Back pain or other body aches associated with your growing belly
  • Heartburn
  • Having to wake up frequently to urinate
  • Feelings of anxiety or anticipation
  • Hormonal changes
  • Vivid, “strange” dreams
Ways to Cope
  • Avoid consuming caffeine or spicy foods, as they may trigger heartburn.
  • Engage in a soothing ritual before bed. Whether it’s taking a warm bath, enjoying a cup of herbal tea, listening to soft music, or having your partner give you a massage, find something that helps you feel calm and peaceful before bedtime.
  • Use a pregnancy pillow to help you get into a more comfortable sleeping position.
  • Try relaxation techniques like meditation or breathing exercises to help calm your mind and body.
  • When possible, try to nap during the day to make up for any lost sleep and to help rest your body.
  • Try exercising during the day.
  • If you are struggling to sleep and are finding it upsetting, try getting up and reading a book or having a glass of warm milk.

And, if you have tried all of these things and are still having a hard time falling asleep, please consult your health care provider. She may prescribe medication or have other ideas on how to deal with your pregnancy insomnia, so never hesitate to ask!

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Best Pregnancy Apps in 2018

Every year, new apps are created and favorite apps are updated to help make your pregnancy easier and stress-free. Here is our updated list of the best pregnancy apps in 2018.

Ovia – free on Android and iPhone

With so many apps focused around the baby’s health, this app focuses on keeping mom healthy during pregnancy. With a food tracker, healthy eating tips and suggestions, prenatal vitamin reminders, and even a sleep monitoring feature, Ovia makes it easier to keep track of your own health and growth during pregnancy.

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro – free on Android and iPhone

With countdown trackers and daily/weekly updates, a forum to connect with other moms, and an endless source of information easily searchable for your specific symptom, trimester, or experience, this app is full of features and a must-have for expecting mothers.

Contraction Timer – free on Android and iPhone

In the midst of contractions, it can be hard to notice the time on the clock or write anything down, but this simple app makes it easy to track the duration and intervals of your contractions. Simply click the button to start and stop, and it will track the duration and automatically input the interval between your contractions.

Glow Nurture – free on Android and iPhone

This app is awesome for connecting with moms sharing similar experiences. From similar symptoms to the same due dates, sometimes connecting with a real person is more helpful than reading advice online. It also has an appointment tracker and everyday health log to help remind you to take care of yourself.

I’m Expecting – free on Android and iPhone

See videos created by medical professional of what your baby looks like at every stage of pregnancy. I love this idea and being able to visualize your baby when he/she is inside of you is a wonderful way to strengthen that bond already forming.

Headspace – free on Android and iPhone

While not a pregnancy-specific app, guided meditation and relaxation exercises can help you manage stress and anxiety, which help to promote a healthy pregnancy.

Baby Name – free on Android and iPhone

It’s like Tinder but for baby names! This app is designed to be used with a partner. Swipe right if you like the name, left if you don’t, and if both you and your spouse swipe right on a name, it’s a winner!

Baby Pool – $1 for iOS

It’s the Fantasy Football of Pregnancy! This would be a fun one to introduce during a baby shower or pregnancy announcement party. Get your friends and family to download it and place bets on the birthday, gender, and name.

What apps did you use and love during pregnancy?

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