7 Unforgettable Pregnancy Milestones

Pregnancy is an exciting time. From your first positive test, to your first push, here are seven unforgettable pregnancy milestones:

1. The Positive Test

This is the first moment where your pregnancy starts to feel “real.” And telling your partner is also a fun component of this milestone. Some women choose an elaborate way, and others might just come out of the bathroom with the positive test in hand. But however, you and your partner find out is an exciting and unforgettable moment!

2. The First Pregnancy Symptoms

While this may not be the most celebratory item on the list, the first pregnancy symptoms are definitely a milestone. Whether it’s developing a heightened sense of smell, experiencing morning sickness or feeling better than you ever have before (which I’ve been told happens sometimes), you’ll find yourself feeling a greater connection to your pregnancy.

3. The First Heartbeat/Ultrasound

There is nothing quite like hearing your child’s heartbeat for the first time and seeing her little form moving around on screen during an ultrasound. These moments are so precious and life-changing. And with all of the technology we have at our fingertips, these unforgettable moments can be documented in real-time.

4. Telling the World

Speaking of technology… social media is a great way to help you tell the world you’re pregnant. This can be especially effective if you live away from family and loved ones, and can create a sense of interconnectedness. Plus, it’s just fun to be at a place in your pregnancy where you’re ready to tell the world you’re having a baby.

5. The Gender Reveal

This might happen at your 20-week ultrasound, or when the baby makes her debut. Either way, finding out the gender of your baby is a huge milestone. If you choose to find out before the baby is born, there are also many ways to reveal it to the world. Maybe a gender reveal party is totally your thing, or maybe it’s just sending out a group text to your people. And maybe the reveal happens when your doctor or midwife declares, “It’s a girl/boy!” Regardless, it’s a pretty special time.

6. Your First Contraction/Push

Or first incision, if you’re having a C-section. Regardless of how you deliver your child, there will be the moments in your delivering experience that will feel pretty momentous. And hopefully, your birth experience will be one that you look back on with positivity. And I think the best part of this particular milestone, is that you have your baby as result.

7. Choosing a Name

Like the gender reveal, the name choice may come earlier in the pregnancy process or after your baby is born. Either way, it’s a big deal. And there’s nothing more satisfying than the moment where you and your partner come together and agree on a name. That moment where it clicks and you know it’s the right name is pretty great.

What are some of your favorite unforgettable pregnancy milestones? 

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Essential Items for Your Newborn Baby

There is no shortage of options when it comes to products for babies. With so many products and different versions of products to choose from, it can be difficult to sort through it all and focus on products you really need, as opposed to products that are more of a convenience or luxury. To help you prioritize your list, here are some essential items for your newborn baby.

  • Safe Car Seat

Did you know that car seats have expiration dates? I didn’t until I was pregnant. While it may be tempting to go second-hand with a car seat because of the price tag, investing in a reliable and sturdy car seat can be a lifesaving decision. Don’t forget to research how to install it properly, and have it inspected by a car seat installation technician.

  • Cradle or Bassinet

The newborn phase is often called the 4th trimester because babies are changing and developing so quickly as they adapt to life outside the womb. It’s very important that babies stay close to their mothers during this time to help the transition, so purchasing a cradle or bassinet to use during this time is important before moving them to their own room. Even adults have a hard time moving or adjusting to change, so it would make sense that a tiny baby would also find it difficult to adjust from being in a warm, cozy, familiar environment to a colder, open, louder environment. Having a bassinet in your room will make night-time feedings much easier, also, and allow you to bond with your baby as you learn his/her sounds, movements, and emotions.

  • Swaddle blankets

Similar to the logic behind a cradle or bassinet, newborn babies love to be swaddled up tight and held close. Stretchy, soft swaddle blankets help calm and comfort your baby when he/she is distressed. They are also helpful for tummy time and using as a burp-rag in a pinch. Swaddle blankets made out of muslin fabric have grown in popularity for their stretchiness and comfort.

  • Baby carrier

Across all cultures and around the globe, women have relied on baby carriers to help them complete their tasks while keeping baby close. When a newborn baby wants to be held close but there is work to be done, a baby carrier is the solution. There are so many brands and styles to choose from, and you can often find baby carrier groups where you can try out different styles that work for you. I personally used both a wrap and a more-structured carrier, and they are an absolute necessity.

  • Stroller

A stroller is also a must-have to navigate outings with a baby. From malls, zoos, airports, etc. a new mom would quickly wear herself out carrying her baby as well as a diaper bag and all equipment for long periods of time. A jogging stroller,specifically, has been my must-have. It is a smoother ride, can go on a variety of terrain, and is very agile when steering.

  • Baby Monitor

Being a new parent, you will find that bringing home a tiny baby can be a little overwhelming. Many parents enjoy using a baby monitor to help ease their minds and bring peace of mind, especially when nap time or night time comes around. With the increase in baby tech, the baby monitor options are endless.

What were your newborn must-haves?

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Five reasons health sensing tech can help you through the newborn stage

While taking home a newborn baby will be one of the most joyous occasions of any parents’ life, it can also be a time of heightened anxiety and sleepless nights.

With many baby monitors on the market, it can be hard to know which one to pick. The Owlet Smart Sock is the first device of its kind to use pulse oximetry technology to track the well-being of babies. Pulse oximetry is the same technology used in hospitals to monitor a patient’s heart rate and oxygen saturation levels, but has been modified and miniaturized to fit comfortably into the Owlet Smart Sock. This allows parents to track their baby’s oxygen saturation levels and heart rate in real time through an app on their phone.

Here are five reasons how this health sensing technology can help you through the newborn stage:

It helps you know your baby is truly okay

Video monitors allow you to see your baby, audio allows you to hear them and movement devices lets you track just that. Pulse oximetry is the only alternative that gives a real-time look into your baby’s heart rate and oxygen saturation levels, which is a more thorough way to track your baby’s well-being than what other baby monitors are able to offer. The sock has been extensively tested to validate the accuracy of the device against other oxygen and pulse monitors, meeting international pulse oximetry standards for accuracy.

It’s been proven to improve sleep and reduce anxiety

To date, Owlet has tracked more than 400 billion infant heartbeats and have received hundreds of stories from parents who were able to help their infants in a time of need while simultaneously improving their own sleep quality. This fact is confirmed by research that found 94% of parents using the Smart Sock report better sleep, and 96% feel less anxious. Many parents have already shared how much they love the Smart Sock.

It proactively communicates the wellbeing of your baby

The app allows parents to view their baby’s heart rate in real-time (BPM) and provides real-time oxygen saturation levels. However, for those who would like further insight into their baby’s health, there is Owlet’s Connected Care.

Connected Care provides parents with more benefits, such sleep tracking, which shows a break down between light and deep sleep, and historical data of your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels, including trends, averages, highs and lows in a 24 hour or 1-week window. Parents can also look at their notification history and review insights that led to red notifications. Better still, all of this data can easily be shared with your family doctor and friends. Parent will also receive daily facts and education about raising healthy infants.

It has a great battery life and range

Parents can have peace of mind in knowing that the Owlet Smart Sock comes with an 18-hour battery life, which can be easily recharged on the Smart Sock’s Base Station. The sock works by connecting via Bluetooth with the Base Station, with a range of up to 100ft. From there the Base Station connects to the app on your phone via Wi-Fi, meaning you are able to keep track of your baby whether you are in the house or away from home.

It has a comprehensive notification system

One of the negatives of traditional pulse oximeters is false alarms. For example, a pulse oximeter may sound an alert for low oxygen when the patient is actually doing just fine. Owlet went to great lengths to reduce these false readings through custom algorithms and a system to detect when the infant is moving and to only provide readings while the baby is in a rested state. Owlet also uses a number of notifications to differentiate between a displaced sensor and a significant decrease/increase in a baby’s heart rate. As a result, the majority of Owlet Smart Sock users use the device without ever receiving a false notification.

If you are feeling anxious about taking your newborn baby home, investing in an Owlet Smart Sock can help to alleviate your worries.

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7 Springtime Baby Shower Ideas

I don’t know about you, but spring is by far my favorite season. There’s just something magical about blooming trees and flowers… plus, it’s lilac and peony season. Springtime is also a fun time to host a baby shower! So, if you or someone you love is expecting, here are seven springtime baby shower ideas:

1. April Showers Bring May Flowers

You knew I had to go there, right?! While this may seem like an obvious theme for spring, the decoration possibilities are endless. Decorate with a raindrop banner, fresh blooms and serve desserts in little rain buckets. And don’t forget the umbrellas! I’m envisioning a diaper cake embellished by some die cut umbrellas, clouds and flowers.

2. Peter Rabbit

This is an especially fun idea if the mama-to-be is a bibliophile, or if she really likes rabbits. Think crisp, fresh veggies and fruits, cute stuffed animals and lots of whimsy. You can even throw in a bunny cake topper and/or bunny shaped cookies for good measure. If you’re into having live floral arrangements, go for a more organic, wildflower look. And don’t forget to gift the book.

3. Mommy to Bee

Who doesn’t love a great pun? Use all of the bee-themed decorations to create a sweet (literally, because there definitely should be honey involved) shower for your favorite mama-to-be. Ideas include honey sticks as party favors, yellow tulips and accents, as well as black and white striped straws.

4. Secret Garden

This is a fun way to host a great garden party, and give it a little literary twist. It could even be a fun tea-themed garden party (mix and match tea pots and saucers for a fun vibe), or you could stick more to the element from the story. But this is a great gift to consider. This garden themed shower featured grassy placements and floral garlands galore.

5. Little Bird

If you love birds, or if you love the idea of birds, this could be the baby shower theme for you. Decorate with birdhouses and branches for full effect, and create little nest desserts filled with all the best candy eggs. (I’m looking at you, Cadbury and Reese’s.) You can make all of the accents light blue or light pink, and take advantage of those pastel colors to make it seem extra spring-like.

6. Paper Flowers Everywhere

If fresh flowers aren’t your thing, or if they induce too many allergies, think about paper flowers. This party provides great inspiration for some ideas of how to incorporate said flowers into the decor, desserts and favors for this type of a shower. There are also some amazing artists who create delicate floral bouquets out of paper, and this could be a meaningful gift to the expecting mom.

7. Little Miss/Mr. Sunshine

If the gender of the baby is not a surprise, this could be a fun route to go. Using soft pastel colors and flowers to create a sunshine-filled shower feels perfect for spring. You could go really literal with the sun theme, or you could go the referential route and decorate and serve things that seem evocative of sunshine. Either way, it’ll be sure to be a happy, bright event.

What are some of your favorite springtime baby shower ideas? 

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