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Peace of Mind from Owlet – What Parents are Saying

November 1, 2016

While new parents will be quick to tell you how happy their new little bundle of joy makes them, they might also be quick to admit that sleep loss has consumed them. Adjusting to life with a baby, especially during the nights, is not an easy task.

That’s where the Owlet comes in to help.

Owlet is designed to give parents peace of mind, and the response and feedback from parents is overwhelming. Parents are raving about the peace of mind from Owlet and love the better sleep they’re getting because of it.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of happy reviews our Owlet parents have shared for the world to know:

“I love that I can check on my baby without having to go in and actually touch her and possibly wake her up. I love how easy it is to use, I love how light weight it is and my baby doesn’t notice it is there. It gives me such peace of mind!”

-Sam from Alaska

“This second set of (2) Owlets I purchased is for the second set of twin Great Grandchildren we are expecting in October. My first set of twin Great Grandbabies were born in February and have had the Owlets on every night since. The mother of the first set is a nurse and knows and appreciates the value of the addition security.”

-Susan from Grove City, Ohio

“Being a first time mother is scary because I know I over analyze every little thing but this product put my mind at ease and can use on my future babies! Thank you thank you thank you!”

-Hank’s Momma from Florida

“This small little device has brought our family so much peace of mind. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for that little extra monitoring of your little one.”

-Kelly from CA

“It was not until the first week sleeping with my newborn by my side that I was made aware of the value that the Owlet could possibly provide… I was waking up whenever my baby made a noise, had irregular breathing, or was quiet. In a panic, I would run over to the crib, put my hand on his chest, of course waking him up in the process. It was after 1 week of this horrible nighttime routine that I ordered the Owlet…. I had that night, my first stretch of sleep in 2 weeks. The green glow of the room has quickly become a beautiful and comforting thing for me… This product will quickly become the most important investment you make in preparation for the arrival of your child. I highly recommend it without an ounce of hesitation.”

-KHern from CA

“My daughter is 3 weeks old, I’ve used her Owlet every night since she came home. It’s easy to use and gives me some peace of mind at night when she’s asleep. I feel more relaxed and comfortable knowing that she has her Owlet on.”

-Mrs. Luna from Texas

“… We could not be more happy with the consistency, accuracy and reliability of the Owlet.”

-RichBob from British Columbia

“I am a mother of 2 boys, ages 7 years and 2 months. I had severe anxiety since my newborn came along and it was so out of the ordinary. This product has seriously calmed my anxiety from the first time I put it on my baby’s foot… I sleep more soundly, there have been no false alarms for us, my baby is comfortable and doesn’t even notice the sock, and it fits fantastically under all of his clothes. Wonderful product that I recommend to anyone!”

-Military Mama, Stationed Overseas

“Owlet has helped ease my mind, letting me get the rest I need and allowing me to be a better version of myself and a more patient mom.”

-Relieved Preemie Mom from ME

“I can say that I have seen this monitor prove to be reliable many many times. I would recomend this product to anyone who is hungry for peace of mind and a little more sleep. It is user friendly and I have had great experiences with customer service.”

-Faithful Mom from LA

“Owlet has provided so much peace of mind and drastically lowered my anxiety at night. I love being able to check on my baby whenever I want right from my smart phone. It is so much easier than constantly getting up to check on him and waking him up half of the time by doing so. Our entire family has had more peaceful nights!”

-Mal Pal from WI

“We use the Owlet sock for naps and overnight sleeping to ensure our baby is breathing appropriately so we can worry less. We still check on him as it’s just instinct to do so and you are always the best judge of your child’s situation. However, it provides a tremendous peace of mind! We feel this was the smartest purchase we have ever made. The instruction manual is invaluable for understanding how to use the sock and decipher the alarms. As a woman who works in IT managing software testing, it is obvious how extensive and thoroughly tested this product is. I am highly impressed.”

-Mary the worry wart from MA


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6 thoughts on “Peace of Mind from Owlet – What Parents are Saying


Candace Streit

I LOVE the new fabric sock. Thank you so much Owlet team. It’s a huge improvement 🙂



Hi Janice! We recently announced the availability of an updated fabric sock. These updated socks are designed like the newborn sock with open toes. You can order them here: https://store.owletcare.com/products/updated-fabric-sock. We hope this helps you out! If you have any questions, please give us a call at (844) 334-5330 Monday-Saturday 7am-9pm MST!



We love our Owlet and it helps us to sleep better. Our baby started sleeping for long stretches really early which made us paranoid. Our little guy has long feet though and we skipped the size two sock completely. We loved the open toe design of the size one sock and wonder if there could be open toe design for the larger sizes too?


Hey Jenny! Our customer service team would love to make sure everything is working properly for you! Can you give them a call at (866) 348-1767 Monday-Saturday 7am-9pm MST? We want to make sure your Owlet is running smoothly for you soon!



I have a question if the owlet monitor gets wet can it throw off the readings? I ask because my baby girl who is little over 2 months has a cold and the other night she was coughing and threw up and the monitor got wet and it’s been showing readings in the oxygen was in the 80s and I was worriedso I took her to the Dr. And her oxygen was 100 so not understanding why it is reading like that and it sometimes will say it’s normal but have to lines where the numbers should be so just wondering if it getting wet can cause this??


my baby

wow amazing..
I love being able to check on my baby whenever I want right from my smart phone.