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How To Pick The Ideal Name for Your Baby

Naming your child can be a fun, but daunting experience… especially if you and your partner have different naming styles. However, there are many great ways to help you pick the perfect moniker for your little one.

Find Your Naming Style
First off, it’s helpful to figure out your naming style. As in, do you prefer vintage names or more modern ones? What types of names does your partner prefer? Taking a quiz like this can be a fun way to figure this out, and also provide you with some name ideas, or give you some more direction when looking for possible options.

Think About How the Name Will Sound and Appear
Once you know your naming style think about how each considered name flows with your last name and with potential middle names. Think about how the name will be read and pronounced, too. And think about how easy/difficult it will be to teach your child to say and spell her own name.

Avoid Naming Pitfalls
There are a couple of minefields that can be created when you name your baby, and while you can’t avoid them all, some can be averted.

  • Avoid using a name that has awkward initials. (For instance, if your last name happens to start with the letter S, you should probably avoid a first name that starts with A and a middle name that starts with S. You get the idea.)
  • Be aware of potential nicknames and how they sound (or what they rhyme with). Your child will be so grateful.
  • Ensure they don’t have a lifetime full of naming corrections. This ties in with the point above. Be aware that an obscure name or unique spelling could garner this effect, and that it might be frustrating for your child as she grows up.

Consider Family Names
Take a look at your family tree for names that are distinctive and meaningful. You never know what gems you might find. Using family names is also a wonderful way to pay homage to your respective heritages.

Play the Elimination Game
If you’re having a difficult time narrowing down your list of names, try the elimination game. Compare two names and include only the name you like the best. If there’s a tie, keep both names. As you build a list, continually compare and contrast possible additions with what you already have. Or, try something like this fun little exercise.

If You Can’t Agree 
If, despite your best efforts, you find yourselves in a moniker deadlock, consider the following ideas:

  • Alternate naming each baby. Admittedly, this only works if you’re planning on having multiple children, but you can decide which person is to name this child, and which will name the next child. And so on.
  • Select one name each. You can select your child’s first name, and your partner her middle name, or vice versa.
  • Flip a coin. Sometimes, it’s better if Fate decides. This method can also be useful for deciding who gets to be first on the first two ideas above.
  • Create a baby name poll. Let your family and friends decide by giving them possible name options, and letting the name that gets the most votes win.
  • Remember, even if you have to compromise, you may grow to love the name as you link it with your child.

What methods have you used to pick the ideal baby name?

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