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Planning the Best Babymoon

June 27, 2016

Planning the Best Babymoon 1


So, you’re thinking about a babymoon. Maybe you’re expecting your first child, or maybe your fifth. Maybe you’re awaiting the birth of your baby via gestational carrier or birth mother. Regardless of your particular “baby on the way” scenario, a babymoon can be a great way to have a relaxing and romantic getaway before your blessed addition arrives.


The first question you have to ask yourself is…

Planning the Best Babymoon 2


Every pregnancy situation is different, so when deciding if/where to go on your Babymoon, you should first assess the needs of the expectant mother. Consider the following:


  • Is it a high-risk pregnancy?
  • Is bed rest involved for any reason?
  • Are there other physical limitations that would affect where you go?
  • How close are you to the due date of the baby?


Weighing the above factors is key in planning the best babymoon for your situation. If mama is in good health with a thriving pregnancy, and you have a healthy budget, you can plan as elaborate of a babymoon as you’d like. So go back to where you spent your honeymoon, or go to that beautiful beach where you’ve always wanted to go. The key is to find a vacation spot that allows you to relax and recharge before baby makes his or her arrival. If you’re limited by health and/or money, plan a wonderful staycation. (More on that a little later.)


If you’re headed somewhere farther away, I’d recommend going earlier in the pregnancy. Trust me, this is coming from a mom of a preemie, who had no idea she was coming five weeks early. Plus, there is a certain point in pregnancy where women are advised not to fly, so that should also factor into the equation. Ensure that wherever you go, you have access to adequate medical care if there is an emergency. And please, for the love of all the pregnancies, don’t go anywhere that is banned by the CDC. (Zika is real, people!)


If you’re staying close to home, or even at home, make an effort to treat yourself. Schedule a spa day (pregnancy massages and pedicures for the win!) and eat your favorite foods (even if it’s just takeout). Go to a movie, or to the ballet, or another kind of performance you enjoy. Alternatively, head to the city for a night (or two) for a stay at a local hotel. One of my favorite things to do is drive up to a neighboring vacation town with my husband and stay a couple of nights at our favorite hotel. It’s relatively inexpensive but wholly regenerative. Plus, you’re close to home in case you need to be close to home.


Most importantly, do what works best for you! Plan something that is going to be bonding, relaxing and romantic. Make an effort to interact as partners and revel in your last few months of being in your current routine. Don’t worry about what other couples are doing, and make it the best Babymoon for you.


Do you have any tips and tricks for planning the best babymoon?


—Contributed by Lauren Soderberg

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