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Pregnancy Pranks: Angie’s Pregnancy Guide – Week 38

September 2, 2015

Pulling pranks during the last few weeks of pregnancy is one of those opportunities.

I’m due in less than 1 week. Ever since I hit the 37 week mark I’ve had that anticipation that it could happen at any moment. And now that I’m getting closer and closer, it’s getting worse. Time has flown by until this last week. So with both my husband and I anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little boy, I’ve decided I might as well take advantage of this opportunity and pull some awesome pranks.

Awesome Pranks to do as you approach your due date

1. Of course there’s the classic “faking labor” prank.

What’s awesome about this prank is when you’re so close to your due date, it works every time. Your friends and family can’t brush it off even if it’s the 10th time you’ve left a voicemail. They’ll probably grow skeptical but at the same time still get really anxious that maybe it’s the real deal?

This prank works best if you know someone can’t respond immediately. Also if you’re way super obnoxious and extreme about it, they’ll probably be skeptical. Be casual and skeptical yourself and they’ll freak out even more. For example, my husband had a practice anatomy test and I knew he wouldn’t have his phone with him. A few minutes after he went in, I decided to have some fun with him:



And then I forgot that I sent that text and I got involved in a project and didn’t hear his calls. My daughter brought me my phone and said “your phone is ringing,” and then I realized how panicked he must be. Bahahahahaha. So this works even BETTER if you share the news and then take too long to respond that it was a false alarm.

2. Tell strangers who ask when you’re due that you’re 2 weeks overdue and your water already broke.

I’ve realized that I will never check out from the grocery store without the checker asking when I’m due. They will ask every single time without fail. I get asked in plenty of other settings, but these people are sure-bets. This makes them prime targets for a pregnancy prank.

A lot of pregnant women take to excessive walking to try to induce labor. On an especially hot and humid day, why not take that walking indoors to the nearest grocery store? Or at least tell the checker that…

Go in and only buy a bottle of water or a small snack or something and when they inevitably ask, reply with, “oh about 2 weeks ago. My water broke this morning but everything else is moving slowly, so the doctor sent me home to walk around and told me to come back in when contractions have picked up. It’s too hot outside so I just decided to come here to walk around and try to get it going. I think it’s working!” If possible, try to bring your husband or a friend along to stand behind you in line and secretly film their reaction – it’s bound to be priceless.

3. Confess to a close friend or family member that your husband is not the father.

You have to come up with a really juicy and believable story about how it all went down and who the real father is. Use those pregnancy hormones and get emotional. Then brace yourself for a slap when you reveal your hoax.

4. Announce a HORRIBLE fake name

Like Syphilis (“but we’ll call him Phil”) or Kardashian (“Ian for short”). Try not to laugh as they hold back their protests and pretend to be fascinated by your “interesting” choice. Play it up – act like this name was revealed to you in a dream and you just want to burst into happy tears thinking about how lucky you were to find the perfect name. But make sure to tell them you’re joking before they get you any customized baby gear with the fake name.

5. Take advantage of your special urine.

Leave some positive pregnancy tests around, like at your sister’s house or the bathroom at work. You can also use this opportunity to help someone else pull an awesome prank.

Did you pull any awesome pregnancy pranks or have any to add to this list? Share below!


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