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Pregnancy Symptoms at 32 Weeks

November 1, 2015

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar: urine leakage, heartburn, or breathlessness? Around your 32nd week of pregnancy, your uterus is about five inches above your belly. So, this means your baby is pressing pretty intensely on your internal organs. This can cause your intestines to feel, well, squished.

Also at this point, you may even feel your hunger decrease too. And, some women may begin to feel nausea again in their pregnancy. Doesn’t sound very fun, does it?

In this article, we want to show you how to cope with these symptoms.

Urine Leakage

Just so you know- almost every single pregnant woman deals with urine incontinence during their pregnancy. So, don’t be embarrassed by this symptom. To deal with this, it is suggested that you plan and schedule bathroom breaks hourly. That way your bladder is empty to help avoid with leaking.

You can also do Kegel exercises to help strengthen your pelvic floor. You can do Kegel exercises any time throughout the day, whether your bladder is full or empty. To get started, try and stop your urine stream while you are going to the bathroom.


Again, heartburn is a symptom that most moms-to-be deal with during pregnancy. Right now your stomach is so crowded that acid is forced up into your esophagus. To deal with this symptom it is suggested that you try and eat small meals throughout the day. While you’re at it, try and eat slowly. If you are racing and downing your food quickly, this too can cause indigestion and heartburn.

Another great alternative is to avoid eating right before bedtime. If you can, do not eat or drink anything three hours before bedtime.

And, pillows… add lots and lots of pillows to your bed. Use them to help keep your head and chest propped up and sitting up as much as you can during bedtime.

Choose loose-fitting clothes, as any additional pressure to your abdominal area, will just make your acid reflux worse.

Try taking an over-the-counter antacid, like Tums, to help with the relief of your heartburn. Or, if like for me, Tums doesn’t do much to help with consistent heartburn, you can also opt for an H2 blocker. An H2 blocker is an over-the-counter medicine that suppresses stomach-acid production. You only need to take 1-2 pills that can last an entire day.


During pregnancy, many women experience shortness of breath. Due to your body producing extra hormones, specifically progesterone, this can directly affect your lungs and even the respiratory center of your brain! So, yes, you are not out of shape, your body is working hard to maintain the changes your body is going through.

If you are carrying your baby high, your growing uterus also puts extra pressure on your diaphragm, so your breathing may feel more labored as well.

To cope with this symptom, it is suggested to sit up straight with your shoulders held back. Also, try propping yourself up at night to keep your lungs as much room to expand.

Were there any other symptoms that you had to deal with during your 32nd week? How were you able to deal with it?

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