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Pregnancy week 28: Goodbye toes, hello babymoon

June 23, 2015

It’s official: I can’t see my toes anymore!

Also, I accidentally kneed my 2-year old in the back when we were walking out of church. She was walking in front of me and I wasn’t paying attention as she stopped at the door, and my huge preggo belly blocked her head from my view and I just walked right into her. She was okay, it wasn’t very hard, but it made me realize I probably should keep a better eye on my surroundings lest my baby bump causes any real damage. Did your baby bump ever get in your way?

Have you ever felt those sharp, shooting pains down the pelvis that almost feels like the baby is trying to reach out? Those started this week, also. I remember having them a little bit with my first pregnancy but not as frequent or as early. This week I had one come on so suddenly and strong that I actually yelled out “OUCH” and tears welled up in my eyes. It was extremely painful. I called my doctor’s office and looked online a bit and supposedly this is just the baby positioned on a nerve that runs from the vagina to the legs. Awesome.

We took an impromptu babymoon to D.C. this week! I had never been, but my husband had a few times for various things and had been trying to convince me to go for a while. We only spent half a day there because it was so last minute, but we had a blast nevertheless!

WWII memorial
I was so jealous of those segway riders! TOO MUCH WALKING!

We hung out at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, the Washington Monument, the WWII monument, and the Lincoln Memorial. My super brave, critter-loving toddler pushed her way to the front of the line to hold this HUGE grasshopper at the museum. As she held it she just was in her own little world, talking to it in a cute voice and calling it “beautiful” and her “friend.” It made everyone around say “aww,” which is always a rewarding parenting moment, especially when you have a 2-year old. She said “bye, friend” when she had to give it back. She makes me so proud.


She had a hard time understanding why she had to hold one of our hands the whole time, though. It was very crowded, and we told her we didn’t want her to get lost and some of the people might be naughty. This concerned her immensely, and she replied with, “and probably they’re trying to be nice.” Bless her.

butterfly chasing monument
Flower-picking on the lawn of the Washington Monument. Dreamy.

Those monuments are sobering, though. Our country has been through a lot. It was kind of cool that, as we walked from the Washington monument to the Lincoln memorial, it seemed that every few minutes we passed someone who spoke a different language. I just thought, yes. That is exactly what these monuments represent. Men and women fought, sacrificed, and even died so that anyone can come here, and anyone can speak their language here. Everyone is equal here in that they are free to be different. And my sweet daughter waved and said “hi” to every one of those people we passed, and regardless of their age or gender or if they were with children or alone or on their cell phones, or even a cop, they looked up and smiled. Goodness, she’s wonderful. And teaches me how wonderful this world is.

Babymoon in DC
Lincoln was impressive, but it was SUPER hot.

For the record, I bought some creamy baby oil for bug repellent, which I mentioned in a previous post was supposedly some secret life-hack that works amazing for bug repellent. But apparently only the aloe kind in the green bottle works, and the other kind, the cocoa butter kind, actually attracts them.

creamy baby oil

 Let’s just say I bought the wrong kind.

Johnson’s baby creamy oil with cocoa & shea butter
… NOT this!

So this week I’m planning on buying the right kind, and I’m praying it works.

And finally, we have agreed on a baby boy name!! I’m still not 100% sure it’s “the one,” but so far it’s both of our favorites and hopefully it sticks! But I’ll still probably wait until it’s official-official, like on the birth certificate, to make a public announcement. 😉

I want to hear from you! 

How awkward was your huge baby bump?

Did you get those weird, awful shooting pains that felt like baby was reaching out?

Did you take, or are you planning, a babymoon? Tell me about it!

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2 thoughts on “Pregnancy week 28: Goodbye toes, hello babymoon

Avatar for Angela Silva

Angela Silva

Haha whoever took that pic, that was a bold move! I feel like mine is sticking out further with this pregnancy, at least so far, but what can ya do? 😛



I’ve had both extremes – I carried one baby so high, the Dr acted all shocked when I delivered a 9 1/2 pounder and asked where I was hiding her. And then with #4 my baby belly stuck out so much that it made me self conscious just standing by a corner – anyone looking that way would just see a huge baby belly. And going around corners – I just knew everyone was thinking – “RUN! We’re being attacked by a huge baby belly!” And it didn’t help to have someone take my picture from behind, just to point out how much my belly stuck out! (Yes – it was a male, not my husband – he knew better). 🙂