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Pregnancy Week 37: My husband has been uninvited to labor

August 26, 2015

Things are getting crazy. My hormones have evolved from emotional crying to irrational anger. I attempted one induction technique, and I’ve been banned from the grocery store.

Reasons I uninvited my husband to labor

That’s right. I told my husband that I wasn’t going to tell him when I went into labor, but that I’d text him some pics afterward. Why?

Because these hormones have transformed me from the crying-about-newborn-baby-pandas pregnant lady to being the MEAN pregnant lady. Really though. I’ve noticed this past week, maybe a little longer, that my fuse has shortened tremendously. And rather than crying about insignificant things, I get angry about them. And it doesn’t take much.

For example, here’s what my husband did to warrant being kicked out of the delivery room:

I drank half of a bottle of Mountain Dew then put it back in the fridge. The next time I went for it, it was only a quarter full. He had drunk some of it. WITHOUT ASKING. His excuse was, “we have plenty more and I didn’t want a whole one, so I figured you wouldn’t mind because you could just get a new one if you wanted.” Of course, this translated to my pregnant mind that him “figuring” I “wouldn’t mind” meant making assumptions about my needs and not really considering my feelings, and why would I want him present for such a significant, vulnerable time as labor if he’s just going to “figure” what I need without even asking?

And then, another time, he said he would be done with school at 5:00PM, and then didn’t call until 5:15PM, so he got re-booted out of the hospital. Do you know how many worst-case scenarios a pregnant woman is capable of thinking up in 15 minutes? I lost count. Apparently he was talking with his professor and classmates about how the grade on the last test they took was going to be adjusted, or something else insignificant compared to calling your wife when you say you will, but he called me as soon as he left the classroom and headed for his car. I just told him I don’t see how I can rely on him when I’m in labor if he’s going to put other people ahead of me and possibly not be there when I need him. The baby won’t WAIT AROUND FOR 15 MINUTES and he very well might miss the birth without me banning him from the room simply because there was a stupid test to discuss.

The list continues.

Bless his poor, sweet, patient heart.

In the moment, my anger and frustration is so intense and so real and I feel so validated in my arguments. And then about a half hour later I sit there and think, “W. T. F. That was the stupidest thing I’ve ever gotten upset about in my entire life.” And sometimes I’ll acknowledge my ridiculous reactions to my husband and other times there’s something new to be upset about by the time I’ve finished acknowledging how irrational I was earlier, and he’s become pretty good at shrugging these incidents off. Really though, he will just take it and apologize and acknowledge how I feel. And then later he sometimes might ask if I feel better and maybe if I wanted to talk about it, and that’s when I realize how stupid I was. And I apologize and assure him that once this baby is out he’ll get a break from my craziness. Hopefully. Because these hormones are taking their toll on everybody.

Thank goodness this crazy pregnant woman has an extremely patient, loving, and understanding husband.

Induction attempt

On a whim, my daughter and I went to the zoo in our city since we’d never been to this one. I’ve been trying to spend a lot of quality time with her before she loses her only-child status and has to share my attention. I decided to go all out and buy the train ride and the safari sky ride and even get her something from the gift shop. But my intentions were mostly selfish when it came to the train ride and safari sky ride you can see here:

Today's induction attempt: the train ride at the zoo! Didn't work…

A video posted by Angela Silva (@thegoldensilva) on

I realized I’m probably not the only super-pregnant woman who comes to the zoo to try to put herself into labor because the rules posted for the sky ride said “Expectant mothers in their third trimester are prohibited from riding the Sky Lift.” Dang! They didn’t tell me that when I bought my ticket, so I got a refund.

Grocery Shopping

I came home from an hour-long grocery shopping trip and realized I had purchased three different kinds of donuts at three different points during my trip. One was at a front kiosk, one was near the bread, and one was in the back on the clearance bakery items shelf. Oh, and I also got those muffins in the background. I have a problem.

donutsApparently I was really in the mood for donuts. My husband wasn’t too happy with the excessive amount of junk food that made it home as a result of my trip, and we figured it might be best if he take over or at least chaperone my trips to the grocery store from now on.

Third-Trimester Maternity Clothes

I had an ultrasound this week and some monitoring, and a different doctor told me again that the baby’s head is so low, and how I must be feeling so much pressure, but that it was a good thing for labor. Yes, I feel a lot of pressure, to the point where sometimes the sharp shooting pains make my right leg give out and I have to brace myself so I don’t fall.

But also, the super big and super low belly of mine has made even maternity clothes uncomfortable.  Which I saw coming. Remember how I related the wearing of maternity clothes to riding a roller coaster?

Well ladies and gentlemen; we’re officially at the slowing down phase, the end of the ride, where we just wanna get off. Even the panel on my maternity pants falls down since the baby has dropped so low. So usually there’s a huge wad of fabric hanging off my big belly, and my belly is usually also hanging out under my shirts unless I wear a super-clingy skin-tight shirt that gets sucked under my belly.  But then we get into my issue of extreme heartburn and how tight clothing is my worst enemy.

I found this really awesome inspirational quote that I use every morning when I get dressed:inspirational quote

Now that I’m 38 weeks pregnant, I’m more excited than uncomfortable though. My daughter came at 38 weeks so every day that passes is exciting and the anticipation is so fun. The end is in sight so I can deal with uncomfortable clothes and heartburn and ridiculous hormonal fits.

And hopefully my husband can put up with me and my crazy hormones for a few more weeks, as well.

Did your hormones cause you to do or say any crazy things during pregnancy?

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