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September Update – Get Ready for Beta

September Update

Get ready for Beta!

We’ve completed our first round of trials and in-home tests. Things are looking good so we’re ordering our first Beta units (200) this month! 

We spent the last month testing the Owlet Monitor in homes to validate our hardware design and flushing out firmware bugs. Initially, when we started testing, we found more issues with the firmware than we expected.

We also found an issue with our pulse oximetry when an infant have very very irregular vitals signs (O2 levels in the low 80’s and 70’s) Sean, our firmware engineer, believes he has a solution for the problem, and we’ve implemented the changes, which allows us to gear up for our next round of testing.

Overall, the product is moving forward. Most of the firmware bugs are solved, and our hardware designs have now been validated! These are big steps that will allow us to start beta testing in October!

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.46.11 AM

Jake is Head of Testing at Owlet. He dedicates 100% of his time testing our devices on infants. Here he is in the NICU on our first tests with twins.

Do you know anyone who is tech-savvy and has a baby under 12 months that would make a good Beta tester? We’re looking for people who will dive into the product and find as many bugs and issues as possible. If so please fill out this form.

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