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Sharing Rainbow Baby Stories

August 21, 2021

Rainbow babies remind us that even after the biggest of storms, we can find joy and beauty again. Our rainbow babies are a bright spot in the clouds, bringing sunshine to help us find peace and give comfort to our hearts and souls. 

On August 22, National Rainbow Baby Day, and every day, Owlet celebrates these miracles. We’re honoring these rays of light and we’re grateful for the mamas and families sharing their stories with us.

“Nesting is in full swing for baby number three! We’re so excited for our long-awaited addition to our family to finally join us.

As we move into week 32, I look back on where we were a little less than a year ago…coping with the loss of our baby girl. As heartbreaking as losing her was, at the same time, I feel so blessed to be carrying our healthy rainbow baby boy. I’m so grateful that when he arrives, I’ll have the Owlet Smart Sock to give me the extra peace of mind to calm the anxiety we all have when we first bring home our sweet tiny humans.”  – Tiffany, @tiffany_holmes


“It’s been almost a year since the miscarriage of our twins and I’m so grateful for the experience, as heartbreaking as it was. Through sharing our story, we’ve been able to connect with some amazing people who have similar stories. Something we all have in common is the anxiety that comes with bringing another baby into the world. Luckily, there’s products like Owlet Smart Sock to give us some peace of mind.” – Breea, @tellthebirds


“I cannot believe that we are less than two months away from meeting our sweet Rainbow Baby. We are already making our list of things we need for baby girl! One of the things that we loved when we had Eloise was the Owlet Smart Sock that tracked her heart rate and oxygen levels and we knew this is a must-have for baby number 2. It is very stressful raising tiny humans, but this is one of the things we can do to ease our worries, and I knew I wanted this for our second child as well.” – Mary, @simply_darlings

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