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Sleep Tips: How to Help Your Baby Sleep Better

March 26, 2016

Sleep tips

My name is Lynzy and I am the editor behind the life & style guide for modern motherhood, Lynzy & Co.!

This is such a hot topic amongst so many mothers. How can we get more sleep? Is it possible to get an IV caffeine drip every morning before we have to get out of bed? How can I make my baby sleep better?

I honestly wish I had all the answers for you, but since I don’t, I will provide you with a few of my tried and trusted sleep tips I have learned along the way.

Tip #1: Room Temperature. Keep the room that they sleep in between 68-72 degrees. Our little munchkin (who is 5 months old) sleeps in her owlet sock, a long sleeve onesie and a sleep sack on top. If the room is too warm, she won’t be able to sleep very well. We try to keep it between 68-72 degrees, and it’s been the perfect temperature for her!

Tip #2: Create a routine. This was huge with our first child. She loves having a routine and she is very religious about it. Every night we do a little massage with lavender lotion, put on pajamas, and start story time. She has a little milk during story time and once that is finished, we brush her teeth. Right before it’s time for bed, we “talk” about her day and what she did. She tells me all about it and then lets me know when she’s ready to go into her bed. It’s like magic and it’s the exact same every night. She sleeps from 7:30 p.m. – 8 a.m.!

Tip #3: Make sure they are getting enough calories throughout the day. Our 5-month-old recently gave us quite a hard time throughout the night, waking every two hours. I knew she was ready for solids since she stared us down every time we ate! We started giving her some baby cereal and she loves it! Plus, she’s been sleeping better at night. I think she was crying out for extra calories and this seems to have done the trick! Make sure you speak with your pediatrician before starting solids to make sure it is the right time for your baby! ☺

Tip #4: Get a noise-making machine. We have one for each of our rooms, so three total! It helps to drown out any outside noise that may be happening in the house while your kids sleep. I swear that this helps them to stay asleep longer. We always use ours in “rain” mode. Who doesn’t love sleeping in on a rainy day?!

Tip #5: Figure out how your baby will soothe herself/himself. This is a big one. It’s also a difficult one to achieve. Babies are not born knowing how to soothe themselves. For the most part, we do that for them, especially for the first few months. As they grow older, they will learn to soothe themselves. For some babies, this means a pacifier. For others this may mean that they find that they like to suckle on their hands! Our little Ellie bear has found her hands and that is usually what she will do in the middle of the night if she wakes herself up! If your baby seems upset, you can go in and assist him/her with the pacifier or aid them in finding their hands to help them!

Thanks so much for having me! I would love to know if these tips and tricks worked for you! Come let me know over on my Instagram feed!

This is a guest post contributed by Lynzy of the blog Lynzy & Co. 

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We have a thermometer in our 8-month-old’s room and try to keep the temp at 69 or 70. However, the temperature changes drastically at night, and we’re afraid to go in and check because he is such a light sleeper. Just the click of the door opening will wake him sometimes. Thanks for all of the experiences.