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#SmartMoms Sweepstakes | March 21 – April 6

Get connected! We’re excited to be participating in the #SmartMoms sweepstakes with many fabulous brands. Here’s the best part: you can enter to win $2,400 worth of time-saving smart devices and on-demand services to make your life easier! Enter here.

Prize pack

Here’s what’s included in the awesome prize pack:

  • Elvie pelvic floor exercise tracker (value: $199)
  • Gerber BabyNes single serve baby formula dispenser (value: $249)
  • $100 giggle gift card
  • $100 Owlet monitor gift card
  • 1 year of Pager’s on-demand services (value: $1,000)
  • A Preconceive Prenatal Class Pass (value: $600)
  • Stargaze Ringly black onyx smart ring (value: $195)

This sweepstakes runs March 21 – April 6. Winner will be announced by Pre-Conceive on April 7. Visit the entry form for full details, rules, and restrictions.

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2 thoughts on “#SmartMoms Sweepstakes | March 21 – April 6



When my son was born (6 weeks early) he was in the NICU for close to a month because while he was sleeping he would stop breathing. My biggest fear is this happening again and me not being able to help him. I hope I win solely for the Owlet Monitor.


Aleema Manohar

I wish I win just had a premature baby he’s still in the hospital 🙁