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Summer Style Guide: 5 Ways to Dress Your Baby Bump

July 28, 2017

Summer is here, and it’s HOT outside. Being pregnant in the summertime is no easy feat. So we’re here with a summer style guide that will give you five ways to dress your bump. Because you deserve to feel cute, but a little less hot (if you catch my drift).

1. A long, flowing maxi dress
I know it might seem counterintuitive, but a long, flowing maxi dress can provide you with much-needed air flow and air circulation. Be aware of the fabrics that you’re choosing… a lighter chiffon-like fabric isn’t going to hold in heat like a tighter knit might. And be mindful of the silhouette as well. A dress that hugs the body is going to be warmer to wear. Slits are also your friend.

Floral Maxi Dress $56.00

Striped Jersey Dress $29.99

2. The perfect swimming suit
Even though you might not feel like the most fabulous lady at the pool/beach/lake, finding a great maternity suit is another great way to beat the heat. Check out this post for some great options, as well as the two selections below.

Polka Dot Suit $39.98

Palm Print Tankini $64.00

3. Comfortable, yet fabulous, flats 
Chances are pretty great that you might be experiencing a bit of swelling, especially in the foot area. Another way to keep your footsies, and the rest of your body, cool is to find a great pair of flats… namely sandals and/or slides. They can also better accommodate your–ahem–growing feet and ankles.

Salt Water Sandals $41.95

Twisted Bow Flats $85.00

4. A breathable top
Whether it’s a great tank top, or a diaphanous blouse, finding a great breathable top is a must. It helps keep your top half cool, and since that’s where your baby is, it’s probably a good idea, right? Trust us, it’s science. 😉

2-Pack Jersey Tank Tops $17.99

Linen-Blend Top $17.99

5. Breezy shorts in a longer length
While longer shorts might seem like an odd choice, they can really help with chafing. If chafing is an issue, that is. They can also add a bit more sun protection and are more durable for outdoor activities like hiking. Because it’s slightly cooler in the mountains, and we’re all about feeling a little cooler this summer.

Aqua Maternity Shorts $29.99

Light Denim Shorts $49.99

This summer style guide, coupled with a great glass of (pasteurized) lemonade, will hopefully help you stay cool this summer while you wait for your baby.

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