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Survey Says: Owlet and Better Sleep

May 12, 2016

We’re back with part 2 in our reveal of the findings from our sleep survey. Earlier this week we shared data on “The State of (Un)rest for Parents,” and today, we’re back at it with more eye-opening findings on the amount, and quality, of shuteye Owlet parents report. We conducted a survey similar to what was conducted here, but asked these questions exclusively to Owlet parents. Here’s some of what we learned from this survey about parents, Owlet and better sleep.


Survey says…

Almost half of parents surveyed (48.7 percent) get out of bed to check on their baby at least 1-2 times per night.

More than half (53.6 percent) said their spouse or partner never gets out of bed to check on the baby at night.

Aside from the baby waking in the middle of the night, nearly one in three (31.2 percent) say worrying about their child’s safety keep them up at night.

71.4 percent say having a baby monitor nearby has been helpful in aiding their sleep; another one in three say having a bedtime routine for themselves (taking a shower, reading a book, etc.) helps.

About half (45.2 percent) of parents say they receive only 1-3 hours of uninterrupted sleep on average.

Parents are willing to pony up a good sum of money to get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep—75 percent of parents are willing to pay at least $100):

  • 13.4% would pay $1,000
  • 18.4% would pay $500
  • 44.4% would pay $100


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