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Surviving a Summer Pregnancy

May 28, 2016


Summer Pregnancy TipsLet’s face it: if you are lucky enough to be pregnant, it can be a bit uncomfortable. Expanding waist lines, heartburn, swelling, and a myriad of other symptoms, make pregnancy hard. Throw in extra hot temperatures, and you find it makes everything 10x harder. If you are one who will be pregnant during the summer months, we want to make your pregnancy as comfortable and cool as possible with these tips:

Stay Hydrated

This is probably our most important tip of all. Drink water and lots of it to make sure you do not become dehydrated. Fill a water bottle with ice and water first thing in the morning and keep it with you throughout the day.

Cool Clothing

Wearing layers of clothing is the last thing you’ll want to wear when you are pregnant in the summertime. Keep as cool as possible with thin clothing. That’s why we recommend adding certain pieces to your wardrobe to keep you still looking cute, but mainly, cool. Our favorites to survive summer heat are lightweight shirts or tanks, maxi-skirts, linen pants, and a pair of maternity shorts. Maxi-dresses are also a great alternative to keep you cool. If you find a tee or tank you love, buy 2 or 3 of them in different colors. This will be part of your new summer uniform. Add flip-flops for an extra sense of comfort to your wardrobe and to help with any possible swelling you might have.

It also will help to invest in at least one maternity swimsuit. You may think that you won’t use it, but just take our word for it: swimming while pregnant feels pretty darn amazing.

Take a Dip

With that said, go swimming! If you have older kids, this will make for a fun day at the pool. And for you, even though you won’t be doing any fancy dives off the diving board, if you just sit on the edge of the pool and wade your feet and legs in, it will feel so good to take off the pressure of your feet and cool you right off.

Though, if you’ve ever been pregnant and floated on your back… your body will thank you!

Surviving summer while pregnant


Be sure to always wear SPF when you are outdoors, especially while pregnant, as your skin during pregnancy is more prone to sunburns. Wearing a hat while outdoors during the summer months is a great idea to protect your face from the sun.

Beat the Heat: Tips to cool off with a summer pregnancy

Cool Treat

While drinking a lot of water is important, you’ll probably find yourself craving a cool treat during a summer pregnancy. Popsicles, ice cream, and sno-cones sure can satisfy your craving, but you don’t want to overdo it. We suggest making your own popsicles (we love this recipe here), or making your own water-infused water to sip throughout an extra hot day. Add lemon, cucumber, mint sprigs, or strawberries to your water to add some refreshing sweetness.


If you feel like you need to take a load off, do! Even if it is just a quick 30 minute nap in the middle of the day, it will give you that extra boost of energy to last you the rest of the day.

Summer pregnancies can be hard, but they sure are worth it. Just think—next summer, you’ll have a baby to tend to and enjoy summer with all the more.

Tell us: What helped you survive a summer pregnancy?

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