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Talk With an Owlet Parent

March 13, 2016

Talk to an Owlet Parent

When it comes to deciding what to buy and what’s a must-have for your little one on the way (or maybe he or she is already here!), sometimes talking to another parent who uses the product or can share their experience is the best way to go. We totally get that! That’s why we know you’ll love the chance to talk with an Owlet parent.

Yes, you read that correctly—we have parents available to chat with! Feel free to ask them your questions you may have about Owlet, find out how they rate the product, and what they have to say, parent-to-parent, about their Owlet experience. When you visit our website, you’ve probably seen a gray box pop up at the bottom of the screen—that’s an Owlet parent available to talk, right there!

Click here, or visit OwletCare.com/chatwithaparent, to talk with one of our Owlet parents.

We have so many amazing Owlet parents — here are a few you might find yourself chatting with:

Talk with an Owlet parent

Jacque: This Owlet parent is a first-time mom who shared this funny story with us: When she was out one night at an art gallery, the owner of the gallery was pregnant and asked Jacque about her favorite registry items. When she forgot to mention Owlet, she ran all the way back to the gallery to profess her love for it above any other product she mentioned. Pretty awesome, huh?!

Michelle H - Owlet Parent

Michelle: Michelle is a mother of two living in the Sunshine State. The Owlet has transitioned Michelle’s experience of sleepless nights to slumberous ones.

Owlet help

Brittany: She’s a second-time mom and a former worrier and frequent baby-checker from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Since using the Owlet Monitor, she says her and her hubby’s minds are finally at peace.

Meet more of our Owlet parents by chatting with them here.

Not part of the Owlet family yet? We have an Owlet Monitor waiting for you—click here to order an Owlet today.


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