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Tech Gifts for Dad

May 21, 2016


Father’s Day is just the around corner, and it’s not too late to get the fathers in your life the perfect, most impressive gift yet. Are you looking for tech gifts for Dad? Whether he’s new to the tech world or a seasoned pro in all things “smart,” this guide has something for every level of tech enthusiast and every wallet size, as well.

1.     Sensoglove

Give dad the gift of a better golf swing with the Sensoglove. It’s a smart golf glove that analyzes Dad’s golf swing and gives him advice on how to perfect his form. By using sensors throughout the glove, the Sensoglove gives feedback on Dad’s grip based on the pressure it reads, so Dad can improve his game and win every round from now on. Get it here.sensoglove

2.     Roku 3 media streamer

Give Dad the gift of options with the Roku 3 media streamer. The Roku 3 has the same basic features as the other models, hosting all of Dad’s favorite streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Watch ESPN, but is faster and has a longer range than its predecessors. It also includes a headphone jack on the remote control, so Dad can watch his shows on the big screen without waking up the family and without being strapped to a stationary device. Get the Roku 3 here.roku

3.     Flic – wireless smart button

Flic is an incredible little device that has endless possibilities. Flic is a small button that can be programmed to do any variety of tasks. For example, Dad could program Flic to turn off all of the house lights with one click, find his smartphone with two clicks, and call his wife with a long hold of the button. It can be used in the house, the car, and even on the go. Buy your Flic smart button here.flic

4.     Fitbit Blaze

Everyone wants their family to live a long and healthy life. Make it easier for Dad to maintain his healthy lifestyle with a Fitbit Blaze. This smart fitness watch will monitor dad’s heart rate, sleep patterns, as well as track his calories, steps taken, floors climbed, calories burned, and more. He can set goals to increase his physical activity and even get on-screen workouts right to his wrist. You can get the Fitbit Blaze here.fitbit blaze

5.     Icade

For the gaming dad, give him a gift both smart and retro with the Icade. It’ll take him back to his old-school gaming days when he downloads the Atari greatest hits app and syncs it to the arcade cabinet via Bluetooth. The console features full-sized joystick and buttons for an authentic arcade experience, so he can play Asteroids or Battlezone just like the good ol’ days. Get the Icade here.icade

6.     Huawei watch

Many people have given up wearing traditional watches in lieu of constantly carrying their time-telling smartphones, but the classic wristwatch will always be a staple in the wardrobe of the fine-dressed, sophisticated father. Now he can have the best of both worlds with the Huawei watch. Arguably the best-looking smart watch on the market, this beautiful watch looks like a traditional high-end watch, but has all of the smart capabilities of other smart watches. He can get call and text alerts, as well as fitness tracking. It comes in several different styles and finishes, so you can get the perfect look for your dad. Get the Huawei watch here.


7.     UE roll

When Dad’s chilling by the pool or scaling his favorite rock face with his climbing buddies, the last thing he wants to worry about is dropping his speaker that blasts his favorite music. So give him the UE roll, a waterproof and shockproof Bluetooth speaker with fantastic sound quality. He can clip it right onto his belt, or even jump into the pool with it. If you buy it right from the EU website, they’ll even throw in a free floatie just for the speaker. Get it here.main-pdp-roll-volcano-optimizedfloatie 

8.     The Owlet Baby Monitor

Every new dad will be the first to tell you how wonderful and exhausting babies can be. Take some of the exhaustion out of his life by giving him an Owlet monitor for Father’s Day. He will finally sleep restfully knowing that the same technology used in hospitals,  pulse oximetry, is monitoring his baby’s heart rate and oxygen, and is designed to alert him if either of those go out of normal levels. Get him the Owlet here.



9.     Pantelligent

Dad will never burn a meal again with his very own Pantelligent. Revolutionize his cooking experience with the smart pan that gives him step-by-step directions as he cooks, and adjusts as it cooks. He can even set it to autopilot mode and it will adjust the temperature automatically based on the feedback from sensors telling the exact temperature where the food touches the pan.  He may never let anyone else cook again after he discovers how amazing cooking with the Pantelligent is. You can get one here.  pantelligent

10. Neato Botvac

No more hustling to clean before Dad’s guests arrive! Get him the Neato Botvac and he can remotely activate the Botvac to start cleaning the floors before Dad even gets home. It’s designed to get close to walls and corners, and uses real-time detection technology to navigate around obstacles. It scans and methodically vacuums the room, rather than just bumping its way around. Dad will love this gift that gives him more time for him and less time doing housework. Get the Neato Botvac here.neato

11. August Smartlock

For the home security buff, the August Smartlock is a fantastic Father’s Day gift. He’ll never have to wonder and worry if he locked the door when he leaves, because he can simply use his phone to lock or unlock the door from wherever he is. If he has guests coming in to town that arrive early, he can create a custom virtual key that only they can use to get in to the house. He can also keep track of everyone who comes and goes with 24/7 activity log. You can get Dad the August Smartlock here.



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