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Teething tricks all moms should know

March 2, 2016

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If your baby is normally a great sleeper and a happy baby, but then one night keeps waking up and is extra fussy during the day, you’re probably wondering: what is going on? You could attribute it to a myriad of things, including tummy trouble, being overly tired, too much stimulation, ear infection, or teething.

Teething is something that all babies will go through. This article will help you know what symptoms to watch out for and how to comfort your little one when their pearly-whites make their debut.

Teething Symptoms

Unfortunately, there’s no single set of teething symptoms, so your baby could exhibit all or none of the listed symptoms below. And, some teething symptoms can last just a few days or even up to several months, if the baby is getting a lot of teeth.

Here are some teething symptoms to watch for in your little one:

  • Drooling
  • Grabbing ears
  • Rubbing face
  • Turning away from food
  • Irritability
  • A tooth visible on her gums
  • Swollen, red gums
  • Wants to bite or chew and suck on everything she gets in her hands

To help your baby deal with these symptoms, here are 10 ways to help comfort your baby when they are teething:

1. Toothbrush

You’ll notice that when babies are teething, they’ll want to put just about anything and everything into their mouths. Giving them their very own toothbrush will allow them to gum on something that is meant to be put in their mouths. Try finding a toothbrush that is for smaller mouths.

2. Wood Teethers

If, however, you prefer your babies to have natural teethers, consider looking into wood toys. There are wooden toys or circular wooden toys perfect to fit in babies’ hands.

3. Sofie the Giraffe

This is a must-have for babies! This toy is bendable, makes squeaky sounds, and is easy to grasp for babies to put into their mouths. The material this toy is made out of will make babies want to put this in their mouth especially when they are teething! You can find this toy here.

4. Frozen Washcloth

This was a trick that worked for our babies, which is good news, because this is a fairly inexpensive way to help baby. Wet a washcloth and place it in the freezer for 30 minutes or so, and then give it to baby. Most likely, the texture of the washcloth and the coldness of it will help soothe baby’s gums.

5. Zo-li

We have never tried these for our babies, but these tools have great reviews online. This is a gumming stick from Zo-li meant to help reach the back teeth in a baby’s mouth. Find them here.

6. Carrot, Celery, or Watermelon


Each of these foods can easily be found in your refrigerator. Not only are they accessible foods, they will help soothe baby’s gums by putting pressure on them. Just be sure to watch when your little one has these- you don’t want a chunk to fall into their mouth.

7. Mesh Teethers with Frozen Fruit

This was another tool that helped our babies. Try frozen bananas, melons, or apples to help allow your baby to gum with. You can find mesh teethers here.

8. Teething Tablets

The active ingredients in these tablets are Chamomilla and Calcarea, which is supposed to help relieve irritability and teething discomfort. These tablets can be used with other medicines, but these tablets are considered homeopathic and a natural pain reliever. (Note: be sure to talk with the baby’s doctor if you have any questions what your baby can consume.)

9. Amber Necklaces

(Note: these are recommended for children 3 years and older.)

Have you noticed some kids have golden, brown beaded necklaces around their necks? Nay-sayer or not, it has been said that amber is a natural pain-reliever, anti-inflammatory, and soother to the nervous system if it is worn against the skin.

10. Gum Massage

If your baby does not have any other teeth, an effective way to help soothe baby’s discomfort, is one of your clean fingers. Gently applying pressure to the baby’s gum can help ease the pain of teething.

Do you have a suggestion to help a teething baby?


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One thought on “Teething tricks all moms should know


Marie Alexander

Teething is such a tricky and challenging time, but there are ways to make it slightly better both for you and your child. What worked best for me, was an amber teething bracelet – I see you mentioned the necklaces above. As a natural pain killer, it definitely helped soothe swollen gums. The theory is that when a baby wears it, their body heat triggers the release of a minute amount of oil that contains succinic acid which can help relieve pain on sore gums. This healing oil helps to aid the swelling.

Beware of fake amber though, I ensured mine were real and ordered from a trusted website (It’s Handmade), rather than just from eBay etc.