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The 11 Emotions You Feel When You Find Out You’re Pregnant

August 11, 2016

When you find out that you are pregnant, there’s a lot that goes through your head. Specifically, these 11 emotions you feel when you find out you’re pregnant, within the first 2 minutes or less. Some of them simultaneously, probably.

1. Denial.

Chances are you’ll take multiple tests before you finally accept that you really are pregnant. I mean, they say there can’t be false-positives but you can never be too sure. 1 denial pregnancy tests

2. Shock.

Nothing but shock. Your mind is empty, other than the replaying phrase, “I’m pregnant. I’m really pregnant. Holy sh*t I’m pregnant. I. am. Pregnant.”2 shock


3. Anxiety.

You instantly realize that means you will be in labor at some point. Maybe some movie scenes flash into your mind and you realize that you are going to have to push that baby out.3 - anxiety


4. Amazement.

There is a little, tiny, human with a beating heart growing in your body, formed out of love. If that’s not a miracle, I don’t know what else is.4 - amazement


5. Shock again.

This means I’m going to be a parent. A mom. I’m going to be a mom. This baby is going to call me mom.5 - shock again


6. Anxiety again.

I don’t know how to be a mom! I still call mine 45 times per day. Didn’t my mom do my laundry until, like last month? Okay, no, but HOW AM I GOING TO BE A MOM?!6 - anxiety again


7. Self-assurance.

Well I’ve got 9 months to figure out and I’ve got the best mentor, my own mom, to give me tips, so this was meant to be. I got this, I can do this. I’ve kept a dog alive for 6 years, and this baby is a human like me so I can totally be a mom.7 - assurance


8. Anxiety… again.

Oh my gosh, how do I tell my husband? Should I do something special? But would he be mad if I made him wait and didn’t tell him immediately? Should I pull a prank on him? HOW DO I TELL HIM?!!8 - more anxiety


9. Excitement.

Who cares, WE’RE HAVING A BABY!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! YAYAYAYA!!! I’M PREGNANT, WAHHHHH!! I wonder if the baby is a boy or a girl? Who will the baby look like?
9 - excited


10. Gratitude.

I am so lucky to be pregnant, and to get the chance to be a mom, and have a family. My life is so good. God is so good. My husband is amazing. I have the best neighbors. Look, a cute dog! What an amazing city we live in. God bless America.

10 - gratitude


11. More anxiety.

Wait, aren’t I supposed to feel sick? Am I going to get sick? Should I be eating more? Do I need to go buy maternity clothes? Do I need to take this stick to the doctor? When should we tell our friends and family? Oh no, I drank caffeine this morning, is that bad?

11 - anxiety

… And then you tell your husband, and experience these all over again with him.

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