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The Best Baby Breathing Monitor

Protecting your baby from any harm is a top priority for any parent and can be the hardest job in the world. Keeping an eye on them at all times and making sure they are okay can be difficult, especially when they are sleeping and you are too. That’s why a baby monitor is a smart purchase for any parent, especially one that allows you to monitor your child’s breathing.

There are a variety of different baby breathing monitors out there, including sound monitors, video monitors, and movement monitors. And within those categories there are even more choices to make. So how do you know how to pick the right monitor for you and your baby?

Which type of monitor is the best monitor? The two most important vital signs to watch are their breathing, and heart rate. A really good monitor should be able to notify you when your baby is in danger without waking you up with any false alarms.

The more conventional monitors all have advantages and drawbacks. Let’s quickly explore the pros and cons.

Sound Monitors
Sound monitors give you the ability to listen to your baby and anything that might be going on in your baby’s room from anywhere in the house.
If the baby cries, you know right away; the sound of the baby’s cries through the monitor should wake you up.

Most sound monitors are not practical for informing you if your baby is breathing or not.
Generally, you can only use your sound monitor if you are in close proximity to the base station; get too far away and the less you are able to hear what is going on in your child’s room.

Video Monitors
Most video monitors also include a sound function; now you can both hear and see what is going on in your infant’s room.
Parents can use visual cues as well as audio to determine if their child is breathing.

Breathing can be difficult to see with a video monitor depending on the position of the child and the camera.
Camera monitors still rely on constant parental watch, which is difficult if not impossible to do when you are trying to sleep yourself.

Movement Monitors
Most movement monitors have a sensor to detect the rise and fall of a child’s tummy to ensure they are breathing.

It can be difficult to get the sensor pad adjusted correctly. Too sensitive, and you get false alarms. Not sensitive enough, and you lose the peace of mind that comes with a good monitor.
Again, most of these types of monitors limit the ability to check in on your child remotely, you must be in close enough proximity to the sleeping child’s room to hear them wake and cry, or use another monitor at the same time for audio/visual features.

Which of these cons are you willing to accept? Probably none of them.

The perfect monitor would notify you when your baby stops breathing or if their heart rate is not normal. It would also allow you to easily listen to your child and hear them cry. In a really ideal world, it would let you check in when you’re not home as well. Fortunately, the Owlet Smart Sock monitor does just that.

The Owlet Smart Sock is a monitor that helps fulfill your highest priority as a parent: protecting your baby. This revolutionary monitor is a Smart Sock you put on your baby’s foot that will monitor your baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate. Owlet silently watches over your baby so that you can get a full night of sleep.

So how does it work? Once placed on your baby’s foot, this adorable little sock uses the same technology found in hospitals, pulse oximetry. The Smart Sock monitors your baby during sleep time using a little red light just like the one they use in the hospital to determine oxygen levels and pulse. This technology is proven, safe, and used all over the world.

The Smart Sock communicates through a base station which is the primary alarm that will notify you if something is wrong with your baby’s oxygen levels or heart rate. In the case of an alarm you will also get a notification on your phone. Whether you are out on the town with the babysitter at home, or sitting in the next room, you will be quickly notified of if your baby stops breathing.

Finally, we all know that babies grow. Their precious feet will not stay the same size forever. Your Owlet Smart Sock comes with an adjustable strap to grow with your baby through their first year. Soon, different sizes will be available so that you can ensure the safety of your baby, no matter what size their foot is.

This baby monitor is revolutionizing the way parents care for their infants. It gives peace of mind knowing that there is something monitoring your baby, and is designed to notify you if your baby stops breathing.

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