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The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Mom-To-Be

November 26, 2016


The key to giving thoughtful gifts is to be observant to what your loved ones subtly mention they want or need. For example, maybe you overhear your buddy saying he’d love to go to a Cubs game someday, or your mom say she’d love to try a new restaurant in town. Then you act accordingly, surprising them with what they really want and scoring major points in the relationship.

But with the pregnant women in your life, it’s not that easy. Mostly because if you’ve been paying attention, their subtle desires have sounded something like, “I wish I could eat pizza without getting heartburn,” or “ugh, I wish I could have just ONE day without nausea,” or maybe, “one night, just ONE NIGHT of sleep without getting up to pee every half hour is all I ask.”

What can ya do.

Maybe you can’t magically expand her bladder or reduce her acid production, but getting her one of these thoughtful and unique gifts will still score you some major points.

Movie tickets

Sometimes you just need an excuse to get out, and buying movie tickets ahead of time is a great way to muster up that motivation to leave the house, especially when you’re super pregnant or have a newborn. To this end, it might be a good idea to get general movie tickets that can be redeemed for any show time to accommodate her health and energy levels.

Clothing Gift Card

Newly-pregnant mamas will be excited to build up their maternity wardrobe, and newly-postpartum mamas will be excited to get out of their maternity wardrobe and get back into regular clothes. Either way, a gift card to their favorite store for buying clothes is a win-win for your expecting lady. And it’s a much better option than buying the clothes yourself, lest you buy the wrong style or, heaven forbid, the wrong size.

Owlet Baby Monitor

Remember how what she really wants is sleep? Well, you actually can give her not only more sleep, but better sleep with the Owlet monitor. Owlet tracks baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels and is designed to notify you if either fall out of range. After months of restless nights during pregnancy, and now stressful nights of worrying about baby, she just might cry when she sees you got her the Owlet monitor. Or, if you’re looking for baby shower gifts, add Owlet to her registry through BabyList here.

Ultra-plush blanket

I was never a blanket person until I was at a friend’s house and they had a super-soft ultra-plush blanket. Then my world changed. One wasn’t enough – I had to have several, and the bigger the better. And I had to get one for each of my kids and family members. I quickly learned that the benefits of swaddling were not limited to infants. I made my husband tuck it around me every night during my pregnancy and, oh my lanta, it felt like being wrapped in a heavenly cloud. Then after my baby was born, curiosity got the best of me and I discovered the burrito roll: lie on one side of it, grab the edge with your hand, then roll up in it like a burrito. It may sound strange, but don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

Moral of the story: these are the perfect gift for the pregnant women in your life. And for their babies to snuggle with them. And yourself, and your parents, and your friends, and heck even your dog would love you more if this was gifted to them.

Ultrasound frame

This is one of those things that I had every intention of getting with both of my babies, but never did. I would’ve loved this when I was pregnant because all of my ultrasound pics ended up in a memory box. This would be a very meaningful and thoughtful gift that would likely be displayed in baby’s nursery.

Surprise Family Member Visit

Back to being observant to what she says she wants – has she mentioned missing someone? Wishing she could talk to someone, or has she been reminded of someone special lately? An amazingly incredible gift would be to reach out to a longed-after family member or friend, and see if they could swing a quick surprise trip to visit. She would probably cry, she would probably tell you that you’re the most thoughtful person ever, and this gift would go down in the best-gifts hall of fame forever.

Car detail

Once the baby is here, cleaning the car is going to be difficult for her to accomplish. Finding the time to do it on her own is one thing, but finding the time to take it in to have it professionally cleaned and detailed, while having to wait with a baby, will be next to impossible. And babies become master car-destroyers in an impressively short amount of time. So surprise her with a gift certificate to have her car detailed or, better yet, take it in early one morning so when she wakes up and gets in the car, she’s happily surprised with a gleaming, shiny ride.

Blue Apron subscription

Hooray for freezer meals and casseroles from neighbors… (insert eye-roll here). A better option for easily-prepped meals for those early postpartum days, or even those tired pregnancy days, is a subscription to Blue Apron. All of the ingredients delivered fresh to your doorstep. No grocery shopping. No spending hours prepping freezer meals. No eating lasagna or tuna casserole for 4 days a week. Easy, delicious, and nutritious meals will be an extremely welcome gift for the pregnant in your life.

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