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The Zoey Renee Project

November 13, 2016

Trigger Warning – For mentions of infant death due to SIDS.


“I’ve have always thought I wouldn’t know what to do if we lost one of our kids and how strong parents must be just to keep going. Now walking this journey we see just how difficult it is. So here’s the challenge for this month. Make a change!!!”

Maranda Salters lost her sweet little girl, Zoey Renee, at six weeks. SIDS claimed Zoey’s life, which leads to a lot of unknowns and what-ifs. Maranda and her family decided to raise money to give Owlets to families in need. They already gave out 19 monitors and counting. If you visit the Facebook page here, you can see pictures of Owlet recipients. Maranda tries to deliver the Owlets in person whenever possible. She dubbed the cause the Zoey Renee Project.

“Instead of running to Starbucks everyday, 3 times a week or eating out every night how about taking that money and making a difference. We of course would love you to choose the ZRP but honestly just doing something will make a difference. We never thought this would be our journey, don’t think it will never be yours or someone you knows journey. MAKE A DIFFERENCE….”

Owlet co-founder, Jake Colvin, with Zoey’s parents, Maranda and Ty Salters.

Maranda is determined to make a difference in her corner of the world. She says about the project, “There is nothing that can bring her back to us so we have focused our intention into creating a legacy. . . . She isn’t just a statistic to us, we are going to make an impact in Zoey’s name, in the fight to stop SIDS from devastating another family. She was everything good in our world. We called her the caboose to our family so help us keep this train going in her honor.” Owlet was founded on the idea that anyone can change the world in some way. So we love to support projects like this. Owlet matches all donations to the Zoey Renee project dollar for dollar so that they can give away more Owlets.

Zoey’s parents with Owlet cofounder, Jake.

Owlet was founded on the idea that anyone can change the world in some way. So we love to support projects like this. Owlet matches all donations to the Zoey Renee project dollar-for-dollar so they can give away more Owlets.

Visit the Zoey Renee Project Facebook Page to learn more about how you can help.

Disclaimer: Owlet is intended to provide peace of mind.  It is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. This is not a medical device and is not intended for use as a medical device or to replace a medical device. The Owlet Baby Monitor is only intended to assist you in tracking your baby’s wellbeing and is not intended to replace you as a caregiver. You are ultimately responsible for your baby. This device is not intended to cure, treat, or prevent any disease or health condition, including, but not limited to, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).


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8 thoughts on “The Zoey Renee Project



I would love to be considered for one of these please I would really be greatful for it my little boy has a milk allergy and he’s 5 weeks he always chokes on his sick and rolls in his sleep even with a grow bag on and found him one night on his face but lucky I was awake and like everyone else my worst fear is SIDS and I struggle to sleep as it is with him having milk allergy I would be so greatful for this I have a daughter as well who is 14 months and struggling to sleep at nights with my little boy and it’s so hard this would ease my mind



All my life I had medical issues, but because I came from a financially unstable family issues were never figured out until I became an adult. It is amazing that with all my problems, including autoimmune issues , that I was okay as an infant. Due to my issues, I know my daughter may be my only child and she may have immune issues that we have yet to figure out. I know an owlet would put my mind at ease and help with the chronic worrying I have now. It would be a blessing that I would be very grateful for!



I could use a owlet. My son was born at 25 weeks.at 1lb 9oz. He is a fighter. I couldn’t imagine something happening once he comes home. He is my miracle baby after a miscarriage I was told I couldn’t have kids. I tried and tried. And when I wasn’t trying I was blessed. Thank u so much


Shana andrews

My son and his wife had a baby at 34 weeks, he is coming home in three days, being aware of the problems these babies can face, I’m scared, I think the wood benefit from an owlet



I would really love an owlet monitor. I will be delivering my baby girl at 37 weeks at the Houston Hermann Hospital. Our daughter has Spina Bifida with hydrocephalus and chiari ll malformation. My husband and I had to move out of our house and basically leave everything, including our three boys with grandparents so we can temporarily relocate to Houston to give our baby girl the best of care. We had fetal surgery September 20th and has been staying at the Ronald McDonald house since then. I’ve been on strict bed rest since surgery and has required to have my husband be my 24/7 caregiver leaving us both out of work for months now. Once our daughter is born we are not sure what we are facing. She will be needing a catheter her whole life and possible a shunt in her head. Shunt malfunctioning happens often the first few months during a new borns life but can also happen anytime or multiple times during her life span. Having an owlet will ease my mind some once I bring her home. I’m scheduled to deliver on December 14th but doctors already informed us she will be in the nicu for some time due to her hydrocephalus and chiari. If there is any way I could be gifted one that will be amazing. Thanks



As a new mother to a beautiful 8week old baby girl, my heart goes out to this family. As it also puts a lot more fear in me. SIDS is my biggest fear as it is any mothers. I hardly sleep at night because I’m afraid the one time I get a good nights sleep, I’ll wake up to a nightmare. I’m constantly checking on my girl as she sleeps.
As a mother, I can’t even imagaine what you as parents are going through with the loss of your little girl. But what you are doing in her honor, is simply amazing and definition of strength.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God bless.



As a young mother who lost a child to sids as well I praise what you are doing its hard just to make it through the day let alone doing something so amazingly selfless


Annie Trahan

My daughter could really use a owlet when she brings her baby home Grayson was born at 29 weeks 1 day and he’s a fighter but we’re scared when we bring him home with no monitors because he does have spells with his heart rate and oxygen levels we looked into getting one but we can’t afford that right now he’s supposed to be coming home around Christmas.