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This One’s For the Babies

July 27, 2021

1. Million. Babies. What a way to kick off the week! We’re celebrating BIG, as we rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange as a newly public company, AND announced that we’ve officially monitored 1. MILLION. BABIES! That’s millions of nights of a little extra sleep, less worry, and a lot more peace of mind. This big moment would not have been possible without the trust and support of parents and families like yours! Thank you all so much!

This new chapter of Owlet is truly one for the babies. For the 1 million babies we’ve monitored so far and for the millions more to come. For all the lives changed by the Owlet Smart Sock and for all the extra sleep and peace of mind parents experienced. 

Co-Founder and CEO, Kurt Workman, summed up what this day means for Owlet, but more importantly, what it means for parents everywhere:

“Owlet is THE voice of Baby! This bell-ringing and our recent start of trading is really about the babies and their parents who deserve the best technology and tools to provide the very best care. We’re tirelessly committed to delivering on that to parents around the globe.

We believe that every baby deserves to be protected, cared for and loved. I’m thrilled to share that over 1 million babies have officially used Owlet, and today we’re committing to donate $1 million in Smart Socks to our nonprofit partners by the end of next year. Here’s to the next million babies and beyond!”

Owlet will be able to reach more families and babies around the world and deliver better sleep for parents and families who need it most. We can also expand our infant health research and support more studies proving the efficacy of Owlet’s technology and push ourselves to continue to innovate in the baby tech space.

In honor of the 1 million of babies monitored and our mission of helping every baby and every family, Owlet is donating $1 million worth of Smart Socks by the end of next year to our nonprofit partners. Together with these parent-led nonprofit organizations, we’re delivering peace of mind and better sleep to families around the world.

Thank you for being a part of the growing Owlet Family and celebrating this incredible milestone with us. Here’s to better sleep and millions more babies monitored!

Who knew that 9 years ago, when we started working in a garage, paying interns in pizza, that we’d end up here, at the New York Stock Exchange? Everyone in this room, those joining us remotely and the millions of parents who have counted on Owlet, helped get us here today. I don’t even know how to begin to say thank you! As a Dad, there’s nothing more important to me than my children.

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