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Baby Name Trends for 2018

With every new year comes new baby name trends. Here are some of the top trends and trendy baby names for 2018.

Celestial Monikers

2018 has us looking to space for inspiration. Expect names like Luna, Nova, Stella, and Orion to gain some traction this year, and don’t be afraid to branch out to other fun names like Aurora and Leo.

Nature Names

If nature is your thing, consider a botanical or landscape themed name. Sage, Hazel, River, and Snow all fit this bill.

Old Classics Made New Again

While names like Emma, Sophia, Noah, and Oliver have all maintained popularity the past few years, you can expect to see other vintage names make a comeback. Think Ada, Penelope, Jasper, and Sebastian, among others.

Gender Neutral for the Win

The past few years, we’ve seen a lot of stereotypically masculine names used for girls, and vice versa. And gender-neutral names play into this exciting trend of fluidity in naming. Some of the top names in this category are Max, Alex, Charlie, and Andy.

Getting a Little Presidential

It seems that presidential names are on the rise for both girls and boys. Look for names like Kennedy, Reagan, and Taylor for girls and Carter, Jackson, and Tyler for boys. A few surprises could include Clinton, Ford, Hayes, Monroe, and Lincoln.

Are you having a baby in 2018? What names are on your list? 

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