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Twitter Party Recap | #OwletLove

Owlet Twitter Party

Thanks to all of you who came and partied with us earlier this week on Twitter! We had a blast and enjoyed getting to talk more about a topic that’s so important to many parents: SLEEP.

In case you missed the chat, here’s a quick recap. More than 2,000 tweets were sent!

We talked about things like bedtime routines—do you have one for your little one? What does it entail? Mom It Forward was a fabulous party host, and got moms and dads alike sharing ways they help their baby go to sleep at night and spill the beans on their one piece of advice they’d share with a new or expectant mom.

If you want to see more of the chatter, search #OwletLove on Twitter (or just click here) and catch up on the conversation.

Don’t worry if you missed the party—we always have lots of great conversation going on over on Facebook. Join us there!

Thanks again for Twitter partying with us. We really do have the best community!

Author Info

Jane Putnam

Jane is a mom to two adorable little ones. She's a California native who traded her flip-flops for snow boots, now residing in Utah.

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