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Ultimate Baby Registry Giveaway


We’ve partnered with Oilo and BabyList to create the ultimate baby registry giveaway. One very lucky winner will be able to win a number of amazing baby must-haves, including an Owlet Monitor (it’s a giveaway so good, we wish we could enter!)! The fabulous Annalisa Thomas is the owner of Oilo and a mom (plus, she’s pregnant with baby #4!). Here’s what she says about this incredible giveaway:

With this last pregnancy, I thought what better way to celebrate than to share some of my tried & true favorites with the parenting world, and to team up with each of them to bring one lucky winner the ultimate baby registry prize!

This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who is expecting. Fill your nursery with top-of-the-line baby must-haves, including items from Quinny, Solly, Maxi-Cosi, and more. PLUS, you could win your very own Owlet!

So what are you waiting for? Enter here—and hurry, giveaway closes June 10th!

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One thought on “Ultimate Baby Registry Giveaway


Haleigh Decker

Each of these companies is amazing! Would love to have some of these products for my own little bundle of joy coming in july!!