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Ultimate Dad Pack Father’s Day Giveaway

June 13, 2017

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89 thoughts on “Ultimate Dad Pack Father’s Day Giveaway


Stephanie Magee

This is our first baby! We are due in October with our baby doll, and he has been nothing but supportive. He even waited by my request for my twin to get pregnant before we did. I wanted to honor her struggle of 3 years, and knew that my husband loves her and did not want to cause extra pain. He is a great man, who literally spent Father’s Day helping a friend move, so he would not have to be around the person who created an abusive relationship anymore.


Brittany Lougy

Would love to gift this to my new hubby and soon to be first time dad ❤ he spent his father’s day nesting by setting up the nursery even more for our sweet girl Arrow. Baby arrives this September and we are over the moon excited! He talks about how he can’t wait to walk around carrying her in a front pack with a backpack diaper bag on his back lol. My goober.


Adriana Stanton

Our son was born a month early and is currently in the NICCU. He was born with a birth defect called a congenital diaphragmatic hernia or CDH. He got his surgery a few days ago and is working towards coming home. Winning this would be awesome we would love to have the owlet smart sock 2, to monitor his oxygen and heart rate.


Erin Gorton

Our Rainbow Baby, born after 7 miscarriages, came into this world weighing only 1 lb 2 oz. He is now almost 4 lbs! We would love to celebrate how far he has come with these amazing gifts!It would be a wonderful Father’s Day surprise for my husband who has been through so much this year.



I am so excited for this giveaway! I am a first time mom due on July 22nd 2017 and these items would really be of help. I have been wanting the owlet monitor for my baby and I know my husband would love this as a Father’s Day gift!nothing can beat having a piece of mind knowing your baby is safe. Good luck to everyone!


Sarah Turnbull

This is our third baby but my fourth pregnancy. We had a stillborn between our first and second child and are just paranoid parents. Especially my husband… The loss of our baby was really tough on him. This would allow both of us to sleep better. Crossing fingers and toes!! Thank you!


Sarah Crockett

I am having TWINS in August and this would be such a blessing to win one!!!! Thank you for doing such an awesome giveaway!



Pregnant with our first! Found out we were pregnant on the one year mark of our first date! So excited!


Kelly Staley

First time mom pregnant with baby number one. We found out we were pregnant just a few weeks before dad deployed. As of right now dad won’t be home for the birth and I know one of your monitors would give both him and I a peace of mind that baby is safe while dad is away keeping America safe.



My older brother passed away from SIDS which lead to me being put on a heart monitor until I was 6 months old. I had stopped breathing in the middle of the night and if it wasnt for the monitor letting my grandma know I had quit breating I wouldn’t be here. So when I found out I was pregnant I was super nervous. My baby is 2 weeks old and I barley get any sleep worried that the same will happen to her. I was going to buy the referbished sock 1 but I was taken off work early due to complications with the pregnancy and I work for a school and the program I work for we don’t get paid for summer breaks so I’m currently not getting paid to afford anything really.


Hi Nicolle! Our team doesn’t have any plans at the moment but we sincerely hope you can find some thing that works for you!


Nicolle DeHerrera

Would you consider making one for an older child or into a wrist model? Our almost 6 year old has epilepsy and i think this would help ease my anxiety when he is sleeping and could potentially save his life if he were to have a seizure during the night.



Expecting baby #2 this October! Would love the product for both of my babes as they will only be 17 months apart!



This is would be a great daddy day present for my husband


beth roberts

part of the Owlet family…hope to win..first child

Hannah Johnson

My due date is coming up and I’m so excited!



Hopefully we win! I tried to do the monthly payments but it denied me. I am such a nervous new mother, I would love to have the peace of mind ❤️


Melissa Silva

Hope we win!



OMG!!! I love this giveaway. We just had our baby and since money is short in our home there are many things we are still missing and want and this is awesome, perfect for Father’s Day !!!


Angela Mason

What a wonderful Father’s day Gift! We would be happy to win, as would anyone. Wishing Everyone a very happy father’s day weekend! Enjoy!


Jennifer Catron

I’m not gonna leave a huge back story on us- that’s just silly. ~ I will, however, say that if we do win this it will be the ultimate Father’s Day present for my fiancé. We’re expecting our first at the end of July, and this would really be the icing on the cake! And if we don’t, thank you so much for the opportunity. ♥️


Hi Amanda! No, there are different ways you can enter. 🙂


Wendy Evans

Son and his wife are having their first child, I would love to be able to give them this…



Thank you for the great giveaway! This would be such a helpful gift for us and my husband/first time dad!



Would love to win, we have a lot of babies in our family and we could all get good use out of it. With our 1st child I was constantly worried about my son not breathing while we slept, so I barely got any sleep with him. I know this would help for our second one giving us peace of mind. Thank you for the chance, good luck everyone


Brian Kunzler

Getting ready for fatherhood can only be compared to getting ready for the hardest marathon of your life. The reward will be great but the prep and fear of failure always lingers. Anything to help boost my confidence will certainly be a blessing.



I love your products I have boys
I hope I win good luck to everyone that in entered


Christie Reynolds

Wow, this would be the ultimate blessing for our baby #2 due Christmas Day!! Your socks would SO help me since I suffer with major post-partum anxiety! Thank you for this opportunity!!


rebekah richardson

My husband would love this for our first born son in September! Thanks!!


Amanda Mottola

Good luck to everyone! Looking forward to meeting our little one!


Amanda Paguaga

Do I have to have an istagram and/or Twitter account to enter? I do not have either.


Mariana Ballesteros

This would be an amazing gift for my husband and for our first baby 🙂


Julie lang

I have put my son in this contest! He is an incredible father!! You see when my son was born in 1988, he was born with TEF(Tracheoseophageal Fistula and Esophageal atresia, we was told he wouldn’t play sports & he did, they said he would have trouble eating would have to be dilated every few years, they also said because of all the xrays and medication he might not have kids of his own! Well he has played many sports,he ate and eats everything in sight, lol yep you guessed it he had a very healthy baby boy in 2017! My first grandson. 🙂 He is an awesome father, husband & son!! Sorry being fathers day I am sure we all have our stories about how wonderful our kids are, I just wanted to share mine! 🙂 Best of luck to everyone!



An amazing product, I wish I had this for my first two. If they slept longer than usual my heart would run wild, not wanting to wake them to go in but fearful of the worst and waiting at the door.



Would love to win!! We are expecting our 4th baby and will probably use mostly hand-me-downs but would LOVE some new gear from this awesome giveaway!! 🙂


Sharon Clark

Thank you and all these great Sharon Clarksponsors!



I never win prizes so it would bring a smile to see my husband win. We have a 6 month old and he does everything to bring a smile on her face.



Would love this!



This is an absolutely Amazing Giveaway, I am really Glad that I got to place my entry in. 🙂 I’d also like to wish everyone GOOD-LUCK!!!



Thanks for the opportunity to join the sweepstake! Would love to win it!


Danielle Schuh

First time parents here. Daddy to be is super excited, and extra new to the world of childcare. ❤


Nicole kleckner

This would be the ultimate gift to win!! My husband and I are expecting our first little one in October!!! Would truly mean everything! 🙂 fingers crossed!



My husband would sleep so much better with this 🙂


Cindy Martin

Hi, we are expecting twins due date of 2/10/17. It’s our 1st pregnancy. It’s very overwhelming knowing we have 2 little ones on the way and are looking at purchasing the owlet 2 socks for our peace of mind. Obviously with 2 babies there is fouble the cost for everything but we appreciate that we have been given this blessing. A head start with winning one of the socks would be amazing. I wish everyone all the best



My wife had our son at 29weeks 5/7. He is still in the NICU due to come home in a two weeks. I know it would put her and myself at ease. Having this I know it’s father’s day but it would make her so happy.




This would be so amazing to win for my husband!! He is in Singapore working and bummed to be missing his first Father’s Day , but excited to celebrate when he gets home


Katie Gibb

Our sweet boy was born on the 9th and has been in the nicu since on bubble cpap oxygen and with pneumothorax on his left lung. On an iv and feeding tube as Well. My husband has been amazing during the last week of taking care of me, being an amazing father to our new baby and our 2 year old, getting up all night long with me to get my pumping supplies and put the milk in the fridge… He is the best Dad I could imagine for my boys.


Cathy Gunning

My daughter is expecting due Aug 2. Please choose us. Thanks



Would love this, our 2nd sweet boy was born today and he’s struggling breathing through his nose and were not 100% sure why his cute little nose is stuffy, and this would help give peace of mind and comfort being able to monitor his oxygen levels when we bring him home.



My husband just lost his job; which is obviously not the best timing anytime, but especially right now. Winning this package may make him more excited in preperation of the baby coming and get his mind off of loosing his job.



This would be the perfect gift for my husband with our baby girl on the way. Well make it allot easier for him to be more involved with doing things for he with it everything looking so girly.


Jenny adams

I would love to win tbis for my husband. We saw buy buy baby had it but with the delivery and expense..we cant justify the purchase. It would be the best gift for him. He has a shoulder issue that cause an impingment of the nerves. He cant lift over 15 lbs without massive pain. I have fibermyalga and high aniexty to the point i freak out. I stay up for several hours to make sure our daughter is okay at night. I am suppose to take sleep meds but i refuse to out of fear.

This would give us both peace of mind. Him so that he knows we are both okay when he at work. He works second shift. And myself because i know my daughter is okay and safe during the night. I hope to win at least the ergo carrier for him.



This would be an amazing gift for my husband and for our brand New little girl.


Jamie k

My husband works 3 jobs so i get to stay at home with our 3 month old son. He would love this❤ such a good daddy i couldnt of had a baby with anyone better. This would be amazing


Laurie Wilson

My son is having surgery this Monday and will be in the hospital for a week or more recovering. My boyfriend and I have been talking about getting the owlet so we can monitor him when he comes home, but are having trouble getting the funds together to purchase one. This pack would be amazing to win. Especially since it’s his first fathers day. It would relieve a lot of stress knowing our baby is safely monitored while sleeping and reviving from surgery.


Angela Mason

Just Awesome! Thank you so very kindly for the opportunity! Have a great week and Happy Father’s Day to anyone who sees this!



My daughter and her boyfriend are expecting any day. Would love to give them this for Fathers Day! I have another daughter who used the Owlet for her son. Wouldn’t be without it now!



Absolutely amazing gift ! Would make an amazing fathers day present


Bria Peterson

My husband would be so excited if i won this for him! He works so hard every day to provide for us and it would be an awesome surprise for him. He has an awesome 12 year old son and then we are expecting our first son together on July 27th. Crossing my fingers that I win! Thank you Owletcare for this amazing opportunity I truly appreciate it!



Would love to win this for my hubby! Our little one is almost two month and it would be awesome to win some of the things that we really want but haven’t been able to fit into the budget quite yet!



Would love the win this Owlet gift set for my husband! After 13 years of trying for our beautiful miracle baby the peace of mind it would bring to not have to worry as much would be amazing!


Heather Hunt

My hubby would be over the moon if I won this for him. I stay at home with our 3 year old little girl, who adores her daddy, while he works 6 days a week to provide for us. He is such a goos hard worker. We are expecting a little boy July 17th and my husband could not be more excited! My husband comes from a rough childhood and had a band hand of cards delt to him in life and pushed through it all and became an amazing husband, father, provider, leader and friend. We have been together since I was 13 and he was 15. He is the best dad and I can’t wait to see him raise a boy ! I would love to give Him these gifts !!


Allie Pulsipher

My husband and I both graduated from college in April, are moving across the county in July, and expecting our first baby in August! There are lots of changes ahead and we couldn’t be more excited and ready to face them. I’m so proud of my husband and am so grateful for all his hard work! His motivation is his family and this Ultimate Dad Pack would excite him greatly! As soon-to-be parents many baby brand products are new to us. We are in search of quality products and resources that will provide us a foundation to begin parenthood and give us further confidence in expanding our family in the future. From my research, I am confident that this package would set us off on the right foot!



Would make an amazing fathers day present



I would love to win this for my husband for Fathers Day. We are very excited to be expecting. For a man who never knew what children could bring to his life, has experienced ultimate joy and love with the blessing of our daughter Sloan. Sloan is anticipating a baby sister around Thanksgiving and our family could not be more joyed and blessed for this soon to be addition to our family. The owlet is an amazing innovation and we cannot wait to join the owlet family.


Debbie Turpin

This would be a perfect Father’s Day gift for my son!



This would be Heavenly to win!



Would love to win this for my husband as his Father’s Day gift. Just finally got to bring our preemie boy home from the hospital yesterday. We would love to win this. We lost our daughter 2 years ago to SIDS, so this gift would mean so much to not only my husband but to the whole family


What a wonderful giveaway! We are expecting a boy in July and cannot wait !



Would love to win just as bad as everyone else! Good luck everyone. Just had our first baby on February 28th, this would be an amazing first Father’s Day gift! Thank you for the opportunity!



I would love to win this ultimate dad pack for my amazing husband. We have been trying to conceive for 2 years and we will welcome a baby girl in November! We went through a lot with IVF and a lot of set backs because nothing seemed to go right! I know there’s a plan though and this one includes our baby girl coming soon! He was a rock throughout all the injections and medicine and was there through all the tears. He is overjoyed and I think this would just be a great treat for him!



It’s so great that Owlet is doing this.



My husband is the greatest, and yes I know everyone says that about theirs. We struggled getting pregnant for a few months and with every negative test he would hold me as I cried and try to fill my broken heart with hope, I was to sad to realize he was sad too.

When. I told him he was going to be a daddy he was so excited. He began to ask questions about being a dad and how I felt and how the baby you looked.(so cute.

He wants me to have everything I want for this baby, but reality is money is a little tight, so things I really want like the owlet and a really nice carrier aren’t priority, even though they kind of are.

My husband love me and he loves our baby, I can’t wait to see him be a father to our child.

I know he would absolutely love a father’s day gift he could use for the baby. He wants nothing for himself and gives all for me and the baby. He is the most deserving dad!



My husband and I have been trying to conceive for almost 2 years now. We tried everything and I always felt like it was my fault. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16 years old and I knew my chances were already against my favor. He stayed supportive and even though I could see the look of disappointment on his face every time that the pregnancy test came back negative, he always made me feel better, fake a smile, and say “next time.” His sweet words got me through the tough times and his optimism is what got us here today. Not only am I pregnant, but I’m also due on Christmas Day. Let’s just say that it’s an early Christmas miracle. i already know that he’s going to be the best father, because he’s already the best husband.


Yay for giveaways!



Would love to win for my son-in-law. He is an awesome Dad. His life changed for the best when his daughter was born.



Just had our first baby and looking forward to celebrating my husband’s first father’s day. We love the Owlet smart sock- only way we can sleep!


Kayla Bledso

Jeremy is going to be a first time daddy to our baby girl the 1st of August. This would be a wonderful gift to our little family!



Hope we win this. We are currently expecting our rainbow baby after losing three last year, including one misscarriage and then twins due to to premature birth. This baby will be born at 36 weeks due to my health and this would give my husband and I a big reassurance that she’s doing okay.



Our third rainbow baby. She means so much to us and this prize pack woukd certainly help to relieve much of oyr anxiety when we bring her home.


Jessica Paradies

Amazing Father’s Day gift!!! Best of luck everyone


Carra M.

Baby #6 on the way in Dec. This would be an awesome giveaway for us to win. 🙂



Would love this! Expecting our first baby in 3 months and would so appreciate this gift!


kathy downey

Good luck to all !



My husband is the best Father I could ask for my two babies. We have one girl, 21 month & one boy, 3 months. He’s always been my sounding board, the biggest advocate, the best booboo kisser, and the most loving, gentle man I’ve ever met. He loves to wear the kiddos & absolutely loves it when I tell him Little Unicorn came out with another print in an item that we don’t already have. (But trust me, we have a lot already because of how awesome their products are). When our daughter had a horrible episode with reflux last year that ended up putting her in the hospital, we trusted no one other than the Owlet sock monitor to make sure that she never had an episode while she was asleep which could end her life.

This giveaway would mean so much to my husband, but to also all of us because we have the original smart sock and because my hubby is begging for more dinosaur prints from little unicorn.


Yee Elias

Hope you will pick us! Expecting our 1st baby, a boy, with my husband in a couple months! This would be an amazing gift my husband and our new family.






Would love This!


Yashira Cruz

Good luck to all