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Updated Fabric Sock Available to All Owlet Users for Free

Dear Owlet Family,

We’re reaching out today to let you know that you can now request an updated fabric sock to use with your Owlet Monitor. The updated sock provides increased comfort for infants, and we are offering it to you for free, just pay shipping.

The updated sock will begin shipping at the end of February, and all current Owlet customers can get it for free, just pay shipping ($8).

Your current Sock Electronics will work with the updated fabric sock, so no need to trade out any other parts.

Benefits of the Updated Fabric Sock

A small number of Owlet users—fewer than one percent—have reported a pressure mark or a blister. Similar to wearing a shoe incorrectly or a shoe that is too small, marks may appear with the sock when it is too tight or too small, or due to skin sensitivity. This is not a thermal burn, but is a friction mark from rubbing due to being overtightened or a blister from being too small. Owlet actively works to provide education and resources to users on proper sock fit through email messages, in-app instructions and other channels. Testing on the updated sock shows the design will greatly reduce the potential for marks or blisters. As baby skin can be sensitive, the updated sock can be worn on the left or right foot, allowing parents to alternate feet as needed.

You can continue to use your current fabric sock until the updated sock arrives. We have more information on ensuring a proper sock fit here, and our Sock Fit Experts are available to answer questions, too. You can reach us via phone at 844-334-3717 or via email at contact@owletcare.com, Monday-Saturday 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. MT.

How to Get Your Updated Sock

It’s easy to request an updated sock. Click this link to complete the form, and then when the socks are available to ship in late February, you will receive another email so you can complete your request. The updated socks will be available to current Owlet customers at no cost, you just pay shipping ($8).

Please remember — you can still use your current fabric sock. Learn how to ensure a proper fit here.

Kurt Workman
Owlet CEO and co-founder


Can I still use my current sock?

Absolutely! Please do continue using your current Smart Sock. If you have questions about making sure your sock fits correctly, we have a sock fit guide available here, and our Sock Fit Experts are available to help with any questions. You can reach us via phone Monday – Saturday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. MT at 844-334-3717 or via email at contact@owletcare.com.

Will my existing sock sensor work with it?

Yes, the updated fabric sock will work with your Sock Electronics. When you receive your updated fabric sock, just remove the white sock sensor from your current sock and slide it into the updated sock. It’s that easy.

Are these updated fabric socks washable?

Just like our current fabric socks, these are washable. Just make sure to remove the Sock Electronics prior to washing. We recommend hand washing the fabric sock with gentle detergent.

Are these red marks or blisters thermal burns from the sensor?

No. We have worked with top-rated pediatricians and dermatologists to confirm this. Similar to wearing a shoe incorrectly or a shoe that is too small, this can happen with the Owlet Smart Sock when it is too tight or too small, or due to skin sensitivity. This is not a thermal burn, but is a friction mark from rubbing due to being overtightened or too small. Of reported cases, blisters occur when a baby wears too small of a sock size. Red marks have been reported when the sock is over-tightened.

We are committed to being open and transparent, and want to share with you what we have done to ensure the safety of the product and verify these reported marks or blisters are not thermal burns. Owlet uses technology similar to the Apple Watch. We have done extensive testing on the sensor module within the Sock Electronics, as well as the LED lights, and have not seen a case where it overheated. Additionally, through thorough analysis of the on-board thermal sensor, we have not seen any changes in the temperature of the device outside the norm.

Is the Owlet Smart Sock safe?

Owlet was designed by parents, for parents, with your little one’s well-being the top priority. Owlet has done extensive product safety testing, including biocompatibility studies and FCC testing, and the product is in compliance with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requirements.

What should I do if my baby gets a red mark from wearing the Owlet Smart Sock?

Here is what we recommend doing if you notice one of these marks:

  1. Give the foot rest. Letting the foot rest by not using the monitor for a couple of days will help the red mark fade faster. If the mark is severe, please stop using the product and contact us (844-334-3717 or contact@owletcare.com).
  2. Use the next sock size. In our research, we’ve found that most marks go away after switching to a larger size. Why? Babies’ feet grow quickly and you may need to change sock sizes sooner than you might expect. Please use our sock sizing guidelines to help you find the right Smart Sock fit for your child. If the next size is too big, use our sizing guidelines with your current sock to help you know how tight to put it on.
  3. Switch feet (newborn size sock only). If you are using the Newborn (Size 1) sock, your Owlet came with both a left- and right-footed sock. Alternate every 4-24 hours between the right- and left-footed newborn socks with the electronics to give each foot a rest.
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  1. We were way late to the game to request our updates socks … and you guys still honored your offer. Thank you!! We appreciate it 🙂

    1. We would love to help you out, Lindsey. Call our team at (844) 334-5330 Monday-Saturday 7am-9pm MT and they’ll get those ordered for you!

  2. I still have not received the email to get the new sock, how can I ensure that I also get to just pay shipping on a new sock.

    1. Hi Mayra! We’d love to have our team look into this for you! Just give them a call at (844) 334-5330 Monday-Saturday 7am-9pm MT.

    1. Hi Sati! We are shipping them to Canada as well. To have them shipped to Canada, please call us at (844) 334-5330 Monday-Saturday 7am-9pm MT!

  3. Hi! So it says in this article that “UPDATED FABRIC SOCK AVAILABLE TO ALL OWLET USERS FOR FREE”. So how do I get it? I filled out the form in February, never received a response. On Instagram you just gave me a link to buy it full price. Can anyone clarify?

  4. Hello- I completed this form about a week ago and haven’t received an email on how to order (or pay shipping) I didn’t see a deadline in the blog so I’m hoping you will still honor this offer. My baby is due in June

    1. Hi Lindsay! The updated fabric socks became available at the end of February. Have you already purchased your Owlet? If you are planning on waiting closer to your due date to order, your Owlet will come with the updated socks. If you have already ordered your Owlet, you can order the updated socks here: https://store.owletcare.com/products/updated-fabric-sock. If you have any questions, please call us at (844) 334-5330 Monday-Saturday 7am-9pm MST.

      1. Thank you! We do already have the owlet (baby #2)- looking forward to trying the new socks. We are LOVE our owlet

  5. My son is wearing the size 3.Can we get the updated size for instead ?
    My son is quite a big boy and I think he Aeolus benefit having the larger size.

  6. Hi – if you order a new Owlet now, what socks will it come with? Should I hold off until late Feb to order to receive latest socks? Little man not due until late March. Thanks.

    1. Hi Andrea! Owlet orders placed today are shipped with our current fabric sock. Once the updated socks are available in late February, the Owlet packages will include those socks. We always suggest waiting closer to your due date to order so you can take full advantage of our 45-day satisfaction guarantee.

      1. I would wait to buy it until mid March only because you are not due until the end of March that way you could take full advantage of the 45 day guarantee (starts after day of purchase). I’ve had mine for 9 weeks and we love it.

  7. Are these socks better designed than the current ones? My baby is woken up all night long because she kicks her sock off by undoing the Velcro with her other foot when she’s moving around.

    1. Hi Stephanie! Yes, the updated fabric sock looks similar to our current newborn sock, with some modifications for comfort and ease of use. If you have specific questions, please give our customer service a call at (866) 348-1767 Monday-Saturday 7am-9pm MST!

  8. I agree, I invested in this product (which was over our budget but we had a NICU baby) expecting to use it for future children that I have. so even though my child is in the size 1 sock i’d like them ALL replaced including newborn.

    1. Hey Penny! We’re so sorry but we’re currently only shipping to the U.S. and Canada 🙁 We’ll absolutely post about it if that changes in the future!

  9. Can we potentially get the updates sock in every size? I am planning on using the owlet on my next baby and I would like to have the option to use the socks on each foot going forward.

    1. Hi Brittney! Currently, we’re asking you to request the current size of sock that your child is wearing but be sure to look for an email later in February with full details on what to expect and how to finalize your order!

  10. Personally feel we really shouldn’t have to pay for shipping for a new replacement sock and such a high shipping cost for one little sock that doesn’t even cost that much to send, and further more, when I purchased my owlet I bought the extra socks for him to use , so which sock is being replaced???

    1. Hi Debbie! We are asking you to request the current size of sock that your child is wearing. We’ll provide the sock size you’re currently in and any larger sizes, if applicable. For example, if you’re using the size 2 sock right now, we’ll provide that and the larger size as well. Be sure to look for an email later in February with full details on what to expect and how to finalize your order!

  11. Will you be replacing all sizes with the new socks? I bought an Owlet for our baby who will be born in April (2017). As such, I haven’t used any of the socks yet. So would all of the sock sizes be replaced for me so that I have a full set with the new material?

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