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Valentine’s Day Giveaway

February 13, 2018

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Channing Merrell

Hi! I'm Channing and I'm a proud member of the Owlet team!

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6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Giveaway


I’ve heard nothing but good things! Have been told this product is worth every penny for just the peace of mind.


Crystal Porter

I have been looking at these and would love to have one for our little guy!


Hi Lisbeth! The Owlet was only designed to fit most infants 0-18 months so your little one is most likely too big for the Owlet. We sincerely hope that you can find a solution that will work better for your little one!



I love these things thanks!


Kaydee Van Deren

We had to deliver our son at 25 weeks , weighing just 1 pound 12 ounces, and he is busy growing in the NICU until May 17 my due date at the earliest. I am wanting something that can monitor his heart and breathes when we do get to bring him for his safety after all we are going through.



Up to what age can a baby use an Owlet. My baby is almost 21months but she has a trach and is on oxyge. I carry and oxymeter machine with me when I go out but the readings are not always accurate and would love to have and owlet instead when we go out.