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Valentine’s Day-Inspired Names for your Baby

February 11, 2017

Choosing a baby name is difficult, and always seems to be inspired by the people we know, events going on in the world, famous celebrities, and special geographical locations (either for good or bad). As you and your partner navigate the waters of naming your baby, read this list of names inspired by love stories, songs, and legends that will hopefully keep your brainstorming peaceful and productive.


Lennan: We’re not talking about John Lennon. This is an Gaelic/Irish name that means ‘lover’.

Thaddeus: or Thad for short, this masculine Aramaic name means ‘heart’.

Darrell: The meaning of Darrel is ‘beloved’. It was one of the beach boy names in the 1960s. It is an evergreen choice for traditional parents.

Davis: Davis is derived from the name David, and means “beloved” in Hebrew.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Noah:  Noah and Allie from the novel and then movie, “The Notebook” is a classic love story beloved by all.

Heath: The shortened version of Heathcliff from the classic love story Wuthering heights is a strong name for a boy.

Anthony: This name is inspired by ‘Antony,’ derived from the tragic love story of Mark Antony and Cleopatra.

Rhett: Another strong and timeless name from the famous love story Gone with the Wind.

Tristan: Tristan was the lover of Iseult from the romantic Celtic legend dating back to the 12th century, when the story was retold by French medieval poetry and since retold numerous times.

Jay: Such a simple, sophisticated name inspired by Jay Gatsby from the tragic love story, The Great Gatsby.


Vida: The name Vida is an elegant, lovely name of Scottish descent, and means ‘beloved.’

Annie: If you’re a lover of the classic “chick flicks,” you’ll love the name Annie, from Sleepless in Seattle.

Karenina: This beautifully underrated name is inspired by the classic love novel Anna Karenina. The name can be shortened to Kara, Karen, or Nina, all adorable names for a girl.

Scarlett: Another beautiful name inspired by one of the most famous love stories of all time, Gone with the Wind.

Rose: A romantic name that can be shortened to Rosie or extended to ‘Rosette,’ ‘Rosemary,’ or any other variation.

Milada: Milada is a Slavic name that means ‘love.’ It’s unique and romantic, and can be shortened to ‘Mila’ if desired.

Priya: This name is beautifully pronounced PREE-AH, and is a common Indian name meaning ‘beloved.

Amara: This name comes from the Igbo language in Nigeria, and means ‘grace.’ It could also be derivative of the name ‘Amora,’ which is Spanish for ‘love.’

Mina: This name is popular among many cultures, and means ‘love’ in several of them as well. For a universally-accepted name that means ‘love,’ Mina is the way to go.

Juliet: Some people prefer to spell this name ‘Juliette,’ but either way, the name is symbolic of the classic, tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet.

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