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Weird Pregnancy Cravings

July 18, 2017

The term “weird” might be an understatement for some of the cravings pregnant women have admitted to experiencing during pregnancy. While the exact purpose of cravings coming on so strongly during pregnancy remains uncertain, several doctors and professionals have suggested that cravings are our bodies’ way of telling us that we need a certain vitamin or mineral.

We’ve rounded up some of the most common and most bizarre pregnancy cravings we’ve heard of, some from our own Facebook page! Does your craving make the list?


Yes, dirt. It’s actually a very common pregnancy craving, and even Britney Spears admitted to having an intense desire to eat dirt during pregnancy. Some professionals have speculated that a craving for dirt may be your body trying to fill an iron deficiency, but don’t give in. Talk to your doctor if you are worried about your iron intake, or are having odd non-food cravings.

Salt and vinegar

Another one we heard a lot was salt and vinegar chips. One of our Facebook followers, Alexa, spilled that these were one of her many cravings, saying, “salt and vinegar chips, and unnaturally large bowls of cereal, and Lindor truffles, and Thai food from the restaurant down the street.”

Cigarette ashes

Ew, right? Even women who have never smoked a cigarette before have found themselves enticed by cigarette ashes, tempted to lick a finger coated in the fine substance. Definitely not a healthy craving and if you experience this you should talk to your doctor, but realize that you’re not the only one who’s had this craving.

Here are some more hilarious comments from some of our Facebook Followers:

“I craved cheese and mayo sandwiches for the longest time.” – Jacqueline

“Of course, donuts. Oh, and hot dogs. Also sour patch kids. But only the berry ones give you mom super powers.” – Taylor

“When I was pregnant with all my kids ..  all I could eat was cinnamon rolls from McDonalds, chocolate milk made with Ovaltine, chips with ranch dip and grape popsicles because that’s all that would stay down.” – Amy

“I used to crave peanut butter, jelly and bacon sandwiches when I was pregnant…. man they were good.” – Amanda

“I only wanted olives and milk with ice, not together but still.” – Katherine

“My main cravings are Lemons and Pickles. I eat at least a whole lemon a day.” – Krystal

“You forgot cheesecake and turtle ice cream!” – Rickia

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