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What Do Owlet Notifications Sound Like?

April 5, 2016

In designing the Owlet Smart Sock, we wanted to be able to communicate what’s going on with your little one without causing panic. That’s why we designed your Owlet with three different notifications: yellow, blue, and red. Read below about each of these notifications, what they mean, how to resolve them, and hear how they sound.

What is a Yellow Notification?

What It Means: A yellow notification means the Owlet Smart Sock can’t get a good read on your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels, so it’s not able to report readings. There are a few possible causes of a yellow notification:

  • The sock fell off
  • Wrong Smart Sock size
  • Incorrect Smart Sock placement
    • Sock on wrong foot
    • Foot not fully inserted into sock
    • Sock not fitting snuggly enough
  • Incorrect electronics placement in the sock
  • Ambient light too bright

How to Resolve a Yellow Notification:

The sock fell off: Place the sock back on your baby’s foot. Make sure the straps are nice and snug so your little soccer player doesn’t kick that sock off! You can also put a sock or footie pajamas over the Owlet sock to make sure the sock stays on.

Wrong Smart Sock size and incorrect sock placement: The sock can be worn on either foot with our updated fabric sock. Remember the dome goes on the top of the foot on the right foot and on the bottom of the foot for the left foot. To find the correct sock size for your little one, follow the instructions here.

Incorrect electronics placement in the sock: Make sure the Sock Electronics are centered in the windows of the sock and that the round part of the electronics with the Owlet logo is securely installed and held in place.

Ambient light too bright: Place a day-to-day sock over top the Owlet sock to block out any light and make sure the blinds are closed in baby’s sleep space. Any harsh lights, such as sunlight, can interfere with the Owlet’s ability to get a good read on your little one.

What is a Blue Notification?

What It Means: A blue notification means the Base Station lost communication with the Smart Sock. The connection between the Base Station and the Smart Sock is important because the Base Station is your primary notification system. The following are possible causes for blue notifications:

  • The baby and Smart Sock are too far away from the Base Station.
  • The Base Station is set up too far from baby’s designated sleep area.
  • A person or other object, is blocking the Bluetooth signal.
  • The Smart Sock needs to be charged.  

How to Resolve a Blue Notification:

The baby and Smart Sock are too far away from the Base Station: Move your baby back into the same room as the Base Station. If you want to feed or hold baby, press the Base Station once to turn it off. Don’t forget to turn it back when you put baby back in their crib or other sleep area.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 1.43.51 PM

The Base Station is set up too far from the baby’s designated sleep area: The Base Station’s range varies, like all bluetooth-connected devices, depending on location, home style, and building materials. If you get a blue notification more than once, try moving the Base Station closer to where your baby sleeps. Some families use the Base Station from their nightstand, while others set up the Base Station in baby’s room. Just remember: never place the Base Station in the crib with your little one, or within reach of the crib.

A person, or other object, is blocking the bluetooth signal: Your body is the perfect communication blocker from the Base Station or the Smart Sock. If you want to feed or hold baby, press the Base Station once to turn it off. Don’t forget to turn it back when you put baby back in their crib or other sleep area.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 9.40.01 AM

The Smart Sock needs to be charged: Plug the Smart Sock into the Base Station. If your baby is sleeping and you don’t want to wake them, just turn the Base Station off by pressing the Base Station once. Remember, your Owlet will not continue to track with the Base Station off, so you won’t see their live readings on your phone.

What is a Red Notification?

What It Means and How To Resolve It:

A red notification indicates a low/high heart rate or low oxygen saturation. Occasionally, parents will receive false red notifications if baby’s Smart Sock is too big. If you receive a red notification and you’re concerned about your baby’s health, please consult your physician.

If you have more questions about notifications, visit our help page for additional helpful articles and tips. Don’t have an Owlet? Join the family here!

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20 thoughts on “What Do Owlet Notifications Sound Like?


Hi Jason! If the oxygen or heart rate leave the thresholds, the red notification will sound until you turn it off even if it goes right back up. If you have any questions, our team would be happy to help. You can reach them via chat in the Owlet app!



Hi, recently received a red alert via the app that my sons oxygen level was low, but when I opened the app the oxygen level was only at around 89%, low from what its been reading around 95-100%, but not lower than 80%.

I immediately called my wife to see if our son was ok. She said he is fine and I can hear her trying to turn off the alert noise.

I just checked a little further into the app and on the graph portion I don see that the oxygen fell to 79% at that one time. Wonder why it wasn’t showing 79% on the home page when I opened the app. Is this a normal situation that we can troubleshoot and prevent this from happening again?

thank you


Hi Chris, you can test the red notification on your base station by turning it over and holding down the rectangular button until it sounds. There is currently not a way to test the notifications on your phone but as long as the app is open or running in the background, you’ll receive notifications on your phone. When you take the sock off and haven’t turned the base station off, you will receive a yellow notification which indicates that the sock is no longer on your little one.


Chris Waugaman

we have the sock and thankfully have never heard the red notification and had to look up what it sounded like. we are curious on if the app on the phone will do the same as it alerts when we take the sock off in the am?


Hi Heather, you will always receive a red notification via lights and sound through the base station. If you are using the app and it’s open and the volume is turned up, you’ll also receive the notifications on your phone.


Hi Remy, we have seen that improper sock fit or placement can contribute to false red notifications. If your little one still needs to grow into the sock, we’d recommend placing a regular sock over the top to help keep it in place.



Could you receive a false red alarm if sock is too small.? My son was born premature and last night it gave us a red alarm we checked with his ped. And He is good.



Please let me know how I will be notified of a red notification if I’m sleeping


Thanks for your question, Tyler. Our team is working on adding more educational parts to the new app. We’ll let them know of your interest in adding this feature!



Why is the new app not as in-depth as the older app. You cannot test the notifications with the new app unless you take the sock off of your child. (Old app you could). Is there any plan to update the new app?


Hi Hayley, the red and yellow notifications use different algorithms to work. If you’re holding the sensor, place it on a soft surface or if you’ve adjusted the sensitivity, the time in which the yellow notification sounds will be delayed. Please keep in mind that the red notification uses a different algorithm and will sound the moment heart rate or oxygen levels were to leave the preset zone.



How long should it take for a notification to sound, I find it take 60-80 seconds for the yellow to sound when i’ve Tested. I feel like that’s too long is that how long the red takes to sound too?! Cuz that would be almost two minute with out possible oxygen witch is scary.


Hi Hilary! Make sure that the app is open or running in the background, the volume is turned up, and your phone is not on “silent” to ensure you get the notifications on your phone. If you are doing all of these things and are still not receiving notifications, please call our team at (844) 334-5330 so we can help troubleshoot with you.



I have two owlets for my Twins- yet the blue and yellow notifications only sound on the base stations, I don’t get any alert on my iPhone. Is this normal? Is there any way to get notified on my phone too?



Does the owlet base make noise notification as well?


Thanks for your question, Emily! Unfortunately, as the Owlet Smart Sock is not a medical device, the thresholds are not able to be adjusted.



I have a child with heart defects. Her corrective surgeries have left her with saturations of 75-85 which is her normal. Would we be able to reset the limit to alarm only if her saturations go below 75?


Michael Seabrook

is there a way for the owlet to notify the parent if the Oxygen levels fall below 90% rather than 80%? Just for peace-of-mind, not medical reasons.



If oxygen level drops below 80%… how long does it take usually for the owlet to send the red alert? How many seconds does it have to be there to do so?



What is the actual point at which the SpO2 level will cause a red alert?

Also, what are the parameters for heart rate? (At what point does it alarm if too high or if too low?).