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What People Are Saying About Owlet

March 12, 2017

At Owlet, our dedication to helping new parents get a little more sleep has not wavered. Parents are still telling us about the more restful sleep and eased-worries they experience because of their Owlet Monitors. And we love sharing their reviews and stories with the world so more parents can hear about the peace of mind that comes from using an Owlet Monitor. Here’s what some of our Owlet family has to say about their Owlet Monitors:

“The owlet allows me to sleep better at night knowing my baby is being monitored. I wish this was available for all of my kids but glad I got to use it for my last one.”

-Aunt Tiffers, Brooksville, FL

“Now that I have had this for several months and have experienced just how much weight has been lifted off my shoulders with the amount of anxiety I had in the beginning, I can easily say that I would have paid double for this thing. I think this is one of the best things a new mom could have. I will use this till it physically won’t fit my daughter any more and I will be sure to use it with my next.”

-BKeener, Manassas, Virginia

“I love this product. I not only use it to monitor my 2mo’s readings during the night but also to know when he is in deep sleep so I can make some noise (be able to move) without waking him up . This gives us better sleep quality and this is highly appreciated with newborns.”

-Ale, Orlando, FL

“As a Nurse Practitioner in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, I feel extremely grateful for this product. It works extremely well, and thanks to the three different alarms- we’ve never had to fly out of bed because we know what each alarm signals. Basically, we’ve never had a false alarm because of the way this monitor works. I’m so grateful and confident in the owlet that I recommend it to everyone with a baby. Everyone.”

-T, Edgewater, NJ

“I received this product as a gift (per my request) and it is THE best baby item I have. I love it, plain and simple. I love even more so how you can view your baby’s vitals live when you’re not even at home! I recommend this product to all my friends who have or are expecting babies.”

Sharona, Arizona

 “I love the Owlet! I never write reviews for any products but I feel so strongly about this one and want to share it with other new moms. It gives me peace of mind to sleep every night as a new mom.”

-White, New Orleans

“[I] Am a grandmother. Purchased for daughter and 2 others. All agree that it is best baby product.”

-Susan, Charlotte, NC

“I purchased my Owlet for my daughter when she was 3 weeks old, and my first question was “how was I living without this?!” The Owlet gave my husband and I such peace of mind!!”

-Kimberly, Ohio

“We love our owlet! It was a gift from my mom and we have slept great since having it. It gives me a peace of mind and allows me to sleep while my baby sleeps!”

-Sydnee Stanco, Menifee, CA

“As a new Mom that worries about everything, this product absolutely lessened my anxiety at night and during naps when I first brought my daughter home.”

-AMK, Wisconsin

“I got the owlet after talking with a friend who had it and absolutely love it. It is the only reason I get a good night sleep.”

-New mom, Sioux Falls, SD

“Such a great product! We have had almost no troubles out our Owlet and when we did have a problem with it charging, customer service took care of the problem right away. My son has showed absolutely no discomfort from using it. The Owlet has been such a blessing and probably saved both myself, my husband, and my son lots of sleep. It is reassuring to wake up in the middle of the night and see that green glow… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!”

-Wildcat84, Pikeville, KY

“I wanted to post something about my experience with our Owlet baby monitor. We purchased ours back in February of last year shortly after watching a video about how it worked and what it did. When my daughter was born she was a bit premature being born at 36-1/2 weeks. Making sure she was safe was our biggest concern.

Our Owlet allows my wife and I to get some much needed rest when the little one is asleep. Knowing that a third pair of eyes was watching over her was a huge weight off of our shoulders. When we could sleep we rested a little bit easier knowing that our Owlet was helping us keep our baby girl safe. I can’t begin to thank you guys enough for this product.”

-John Q, Great Falls, MT

“I love the peace of mind this brings. I suffered from post partum anxiety after our first child and my husband told me we were buying this regardless of price with our second so I could sleep and not worry so much. It made a huge difference.”

-Lindsay, Houston, TX


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