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What to Give the Dad-to-be This Holiday Season

December 8, 2016

As with first time motherhood, becoming a dad is a pretty momentous life event. In all of the excitement of preparing to welcome your new baby, dads can sometimes get looked over when it comes to Christmas shopping. So whether it’s incorporating ways to help him feel like a dad, or encouraging him to help prep for baby, you can help him feel special and a part of the process. And, since the holiday season is here, here are eight fun gift ideas that answer the question: What to give the dad-to-be this holiday season:

Holiday gifts for dad-to-be

1. Rookie Dad T-shirt ($27.95)
One of the positives about this tee is that it isn’t too cutesy, but still highlights that he’s a new dad. Bonus points if he’s into sports, since the whole “rookie” term is kind of sports-ish.

2. Engraved Swiss Army Knife ($53.95)
Perfect for the gadget lover, you can personalize this knife with your baby’s name and birthday, or maybe just with “Dad.”

3. New Dad Survival Kit ($99.95)
I love this kit because it includes a “manly” diaper bag, among other great things that will help inject a little humor and fun into the “first-time dad” experience.

4. Be Prepared ($9.85)
This is a little dad survival manual, packed with information on everything from how to change a baby’s diaper at a sports stadium, to how to create a decoy remote control drawer. (Because we all know that babies love the remotes!)

5. My Dad Loves Me! ($5.99)
Tell me that this cute little book won’t give him (and you) all of the warm and fuzzies when you think about him reading the book to your new little one.

6. Personalized Money Clip ($15.00)
Utilitarian, yet meaningful, this is a great idea if he’s not a wallet guy, and is also maybe a touch sentimental.

7. Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones ($84.99)
Let’s face it, crying babies can kind of be stressful. So when he (or you) needs to take a break from the noise, he can use these great wireless headphones and recharge.

8. Favorite Sports Team Onesie (Prices vary)
If he’s a sports fan, you can get him some matching dad and baby sports gear. Because matching is pretty dang cute.

Looking for even more great gift ideas? Check out our best tech gifts for dads as well as eight great ways to celebrate dad’s first Father’s Day. (All of which could be used for the holidays.)

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