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What’s Inside Your Diaper Bag – Spring Break Edition

March 3, 2017

Diaper bags are usually pretty consistent from mom to mom. You can probably find a few extra diapers, a pack of wipes, a package of crackers that are all crumbs by now, stray papers from appointments, receipts, etc., a small book or toy your baby loves, a pacifier,  and a few other odds and ends. There are usually seasonal objects you should throw in to make sure you’re prepared when you’re out with your little one in the changing weather.  Here are some important additions to your diaper bag for a hassle-free spring break:

Extra water bottle and straws

If your baby is old enough to drink out of a straw, you can just throw in an extra disposable water bottle if your family uses them, or even just fill up a standard reusable one so your baby can drink out of it with a straw. This way you don’t have to worry about leaky sippy cups or bottles. When it starts warming up outside and you need to keep your baby hydrated, straws are your best friend.

Heat-friendly snacks/Insulated Lunch Box

You might have gotten away with apple sauce pouches or bananas when it was cooler outside, but these snacks do not hold up well in warmer temperatures. Stock up on heat-friendly snacks or an insulated lunch box where you can keep fruit, veggies, dairy, (your sanity chocolate), and other snacks or drinks that need to stay cool.


When the sun comes out after a long winter, you’ll likely be eager to get outside without. Even if it’s still a little bit cool, the sun can still cause damage to you and your kids’ skin, so keep some sunscreen in your diaper bag for those bright, sunshiny days.

Baby Hat

If your baby will tolerate it, keep a cute little hat in your bag to better protect them from the bright sun and shield their eyes. A hat with a chin-strap is probably your best bet for keeping it on your baby’s head.

Swim Diapers

A lot of shopping centers have splash pads that, on a nice sunny day, will be filled with children enjoying themselves. If you keep even just a single swim diaper on hand your baby won’t have to sit out on the fun.

Kid-friendly bug spray

Another often-forgotten item is bug spray. Especially in the spring when the rain leaves a lot of standing water, mosquitoes are bound to be buzzing around. Keep yourself and your baby bug-bite free by keeping a small bottle or stick of insect repellent in your diaper bag, separate from your food items, of course.

First-aid kit

Playing outside in the warm weather often means falling, and owies, especially on freshly-walking or crawling baby legs. Keep a few basic first-aid supplies on hand, such as antiseptic spray or wipes and band-aids.

Hand-washing supplies

Playing outside usually means getting dirty. And that’s okay. But keeping some disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer on hand can help you enjoy these nice spring days without getting sick. Wipe down those dirty park swings and sanitize those tiny baby fingers that have been pulling out grass to stay clean and germ-free.

Portable picnic blanket

A lot of mamas are eager to get out during spring break, so you might not always get a spot on a bench at the crowded park or a chair at the crowded pool. Consider keeping a portable picnic blanket or even just a lightweight baby blanket on hand when you need to pop a squat on the ground.

Empty grocery bags

Your diaper bag likely already has a spare change of clothes for blowouts and leaks, but when the potential for mud and water play enter the picture you might want to keep some empty grocery bags handy to keep them in until you can wash them.

Use this list to decide which spring break diaper bag items will be most useful to you, and let us know if there are any other handy items that we missed!

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Jessica Palma

Great tips!! Thanks. I saw the Instagram post and was wondering what brand the red diaper bag is in the picture. Do you know?