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Who’s Raving About Owlet

May 15, 2016

After devoting more than two years to developing Owlet, we believe it’s an incredible tool for parents, but it is always wonderful to hear from other people that think so, too! We have had a number of shout-outs in blogs and other places across the web over the last few months that we want to share with you. Check out who’s raving about Owlet.

Pregnant Chicken

Owlet – can a sock save your sanity? We sure think so. Amy from Pregnant Chicken highlights the benefits of Owlet and why she would have loved to have a similar device as a new mom. “I remember those nights when my baby would be sound asleep – where I could have grabbed 20 consecutive minutes of rest myself – and I would think, ‘He’s sleeping awfully soundly. He seems too quiet.’ and it would make me panic and I would end up checking on him which may or may not wake him up. It was like this perpetual dance of insanity I was in, so this would have been a game changer for me.“ Read more from the roost here.

Gugu Guru

Nikki Dinki, TV host of Junk Food Flip on the Cooking Channel (we just adore Nikki, don’t you!?!), shared her City Living Registry Picks with our friends over at Gugu Guru. Nikki raves about Owlet as one of the must-have products for city-dwelling moms. Beyond that, Owlet provides Nikki needed peace of mind with her second child. “Nikki was on the hunt for a product which would put her mind and heart at ease all hours of the day,” the Gugu Guru team writes. See what else made Nikki’s list of top picks here.

Allie Siedel

Mama-to-be Allie Siedel put together the ultimate Baby Registry List. She lists out the best of the best in baby products. Look for an Owlet shoutout under the health and bath section. Allie says, “I like that it gives me one less thing to worry about as a new mom, especially in those first weeks home from the hospital.” We hear ya, Allie! Get more from Allie and her registry list here.

Outfits & Outings

Lauren wrote in her review has been a game changer for her and her husband. Lauren worried about her baby all of the time, “Even though he was in a safe sleeping environment (remember your ABCs! Alone, on their Back, and in their Crib), I still panicked all the time.” She loves the peace of mind that Owlet brings to her and her husband. Read the rest of her story here.


We love it, and so does weeSpring! Brittany highlights features and benefits of the Owlet Monitor. She says, “Your baby needs you on your A-game. So put those nerves to rest… and get some rest too.” We couldn’t agree more. See what else Brittany has to say about her Owlet experience here.

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