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Why Parents Love Owlet

April 10, 2016

From Facebook to Twitter, feedback is pouring in from parents about how Owlet is changing the parenthood game. We love the idea that Owlet can make life easier for new parents, so we love learning about what parents love most and what we can improve upon. Spoiler alert: parents are loving Owlet! But what makes it so special? Owlet helps you stay close to your baby without worrying all night.

Parents Love the App
We keep hearing parents gush about our app. Parents keep telling us how they feel better going out for a date night because they can check on their little one from anywhere! And, in case you missed the news, our app comes out on June 6th for all of our Android-loving parents.

Owlet for Android

Parents Love Different Notifications
Is there anything worse than a false alarm? The whole reason Owlet was invented was because our founders wanted a baby monitor that diminished their fears, rather than increased them. To ease our Owlet parents’ fears, we provide as much information as necessary, and no more. The three different notifications, coupled with different colored lights (yellow, blue, and green) from the base station help you know what’s going on. We love that we can distinguish between a drop in heart rate/oxygen and the sock being too far away to get a good reading. No unnecessary worry here!


Parents Love Extra Help
Some parents are a little anxious about bringing their little one home from the NICU, where they’re so used to seeing constantly updating stats and charts. Owlet helps transition those special itty bitty ones to home, giving parents the numbers they’re used to seeing (and a great big helping of peace of mind).

In fact, here are some reviews from happy Owlet parents:

“With three little ones, life in general is exhausting. I love how this monitor allows me to sleep more soundly instead of checking my little guy’s breathing throughout the night!”

“It has very precise instructions and videos so that you know you’re using your equipment correctly.”

“The Owlet has brought us SUCH incredible peace of mind with our little one — we have been using it since he was 6 weeks old and moved out of our room into his nursery.”

“This device is truly life changing! As the parents of five, the owlet has made all the difference with our last newborn baby! Our son is almost three months old, and with the owlet firmly on his little foot we are all resting easier.”

We love our Owlet parents as much as they love us! Missing out on all the Owlet lovin’? Come join the family and order now.

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