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Why Princess Kate is the most fabulous wife and mother role-model

June 8, 2015

I wasn’t super into princesses as a little girl, for no particular reason other than I was more interested in animals and other toys, I guess. I liked the princess stories and all, but I was never all about it, ya know?

Turns out I was saving all of my princess enthusiasm for adulthood because real-life princesses are SO MUCH better than fairy tale princesses. Especially Princess Kate.

Here’s why:

She was bullied.

Similar to the fictional princesses we know all about, Kate was severely bullied as a young girl. Before she was a princess, she was a regular little girl who went to school and had to deal with mean girls who belittled her for her appearance or anything else they could think of, even though she was known to be kind and meek.

The lesson: She knows what it’s like to be bullied, and she’s doing something about it. That takes courage, and I hope that I can learn from my trials and experiences that could’ve made me bitter or angry, and use them to lift and help others.

She has difficult pregnancies.

I don’t know about you, but I had never heard about Hyperemesis Gravidarum before the media was reporting about Princess Kate being hospitalized with it. As it turns out, it’s a serious condition that affects 1-2% of pregnant women and is characterized by extreme sickness and vomiting to the point of malnutrition and dehydration. It is so severe in some women that they choose to abort their pregnancies to escape it. It is also reported that Charlotte Bronte, the author of Jane Eyre, died during her first pregnancy from dehydration associated with hyperemesis gravidarum. It’s very serious, but unfortunately wasn’t always taken seriously as friends and family members of pregnant women would brush it off as regular morning sickness or hormones, while these poor pregnant women hallucinated on the floors of their bathrooms from excessive vomiting.

hyperemesis gravidarum(Learn more about HG here!)

The lesson: Because of her power and influence, Princess Kate is able to empower and educate women and families on this condition and cause it to be taken seriously. Nobody was going to brush off her severe sickness and say that it’s all in her head or just regular morning sickness. She was heard and she was taken care of, and thanks to her voice other pregnant women will be heard and taken care of, too.  I had a difficult pregnancy, and because of her example, I feel more empowered to demand empathy and understanding from those around me, as all women should.

She is an advocate for mental health.

In addition to empowering soon-to-be mothers, Kate is also an advocate for children. One of the charities with which she works is called Place2Be, a nonprofit that offers mental health services to children, specifically those from lower socioeconomic classes. That is a worthy cause if I’ve ever heard of one. Society is on the breaking point of accepting mental illnesses as true disorders, and I believe the stigma behind them is finally starting to be erased. What better example to young girls is there than Princess Kate, who is there to tell them not only does she believe in them regardless of any mental illness they may have, but she’s fighting for them.

The Lesson: There are hundreds, THOUSANDS of charities she could become involved with. From what I’ve seen, mental health is a field still waiting for true acceptance and support. She has chosen to put her credibility and efforts toward a real need, a cause that might not be appreciated by many, but will someday be revered by all. Regardless of what society or those around me may think, I hope I can stand by those who feel unheard or unaccepted and be their advocate and an advocate for change.

She is educated.

I admire Princess Kate, who was the first of her family to attend college. That. Is. Huge. She studied art history and it is during her studies that she met and fell in love with the Prince, and they graduated together in 2005. Could she have called it good when she got engaged to the Prince, knowing she’d be set for life even if she didn’t graduate? Of course. But she values education. At one point in my life, I was very conflicted. I knew I wanted an education and a meaningful job. But I also knew I really wanted a family of my own. I was conflicted because I thought I couldn’t have both. That is the biggest lie that society has ever told me.

The lesson: Women do not have to choose between being educated and having a family. I adore watching Princess Kate as a mother, especially as she continues in her charity work and personal interests. She is a great example of balance, and that women do not need to feel limited in their capabilities. She is also demonstrating to her children through example what is important in life; that family is important and not worth sacrificing for personal endeavors, but also that she doesn’t need to sacrifice her personal passions and interests for a family, either. They go hand in hand beautifully, and will naturally encourage her children to explore and pursue their own passions, interests, and causes.

She doesn’t draw attention to herself, but still incites excitement

Out of all of the women I hear about in the media, she is perhaps the least self-serving. It’s never about her getting a boob job or her vacation to the Bahamas or her throwing fits at restaurants. It’s about who she’s serving and visiting, the work she’s doing, or the children she’s raising. She is busily engaged in good causes, and it’s refreshing to read about. I adore her fashion sense, and she has style, yet it never detracts from her true message of service and charity.

The lesson: To be glamorous not only in appearance but in presentation. She may not wear highly flamboyant clothing or be overly outspoken, but there is still a sense of excitement in those who encounter her. She is influential not only because of her royal title but because of who she chooses to be. How great would it be to walk into a room and be the person that incites others to feel empowered and confident, better about themselves? I want to be like that.

Princess Kate is very relatable because she’s so real: A real princess, a real role model, a real person. I will strive to be more princess-like in my thoughts and actions, and I hope my daughter looks up to princesses who will always encourage her to follow her heart and be her best self, like Princess Kate does for me.


*Who are your life role models? What lessons have you learned from them? What kinds of role models do you wish were more prevalent in today’s world?*



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