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Ways To Make Your Hospital Stay Better

April 8, 2015

I just had my third baby. Although I’ve been through two other baby deliveries, there are things I always forget to help make my hospital stay more comfortable. So, take it from me- outside of your hospital bag, follow this list of things to take to the hospital to make your stay EXTRA comfortable:

1. White Noise App

Nurses will be coming and going, in and out of your room, all night long (especially the first night after you have your baby). To try and get as much rest as you can, I recommend having a White Noise app on your phone. Turn it on and keep it close to your bed while you’re sleeping. That way you won’t wake up at every little noise outside of your door either.

2. Favorite Blanket and Pillow

If you want a little sense of home in your hospital room, bring a favorite blanket and pillow from home. Something extra cozy will help you relax and try to sleep. (That goes for your significant other too. If they’ll be staying over with you, make sure they have something cozy to fall asleep with.)

3. “Smell Good” Lotion

After you have a baby, your body goes through so many changes, you’ll wonder where YOUR body went. To help get through these changes, the least you can do is make yourself smell nice! I brought a lotion that had a gorgeous lavender smell to the hospital with me. Not only did I feel a little pretty with it on, the lavender smell helped relax me too.

4. “Smell Good” Body Wash

If you’ll be staying at the hospital longer than one night, you’ll be vying for a shower! You’ll finally have time for yourself, so take advantage of it! Instead of using the soap the hospital has, bring a body wash that you LOVE the smell of. You won’t regret it!

5. Cute Pajamas

Once you’re able to ditch the hospital gown, you’ll want something comfortable and loose to wear. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be cute. Be sure to pack a cute pair of pajamas, a nice robe, and some slippers or socks that you love to wear.

6. Snacks

I get SO hungry after labor. The nurses will be sure to take care of you and will offer you food too, but I recommend packing some favorite snacks as well. Not only for you, but for your significant other. Granola bars, apples, nuts are a great option.

7. FaceTime

Our hospital had a policy that children under 14 were not allowed to come into the hospital- including siblings. I was anxious to see my kids’ faces, and to show them their new sister. So, we would FaceTime at least once a day. It was a great way to communicate and let them see their baby sister until we were able to come home.

What else would you add to the list?

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2 thoughts on “Ways To Make Your Hospital Stay Better

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Lacey Pappas



Eliza Cranston

These suggestions seem like they could make a hospital stay much better! I’ve never really been in the hospital before but now that I’m expecting I want to be sure to bring everything I need. I’ll be sure to pack all of these!